hard-boiled egg

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Noun1.hard-boiled egg - an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidifyhard-boiled egg - an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidify
boiled egg, coddled egg - egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water
Easter egg - a colored hard-boiled egg used to celebrate Easter
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A lunch basket stood beside her, and she held a dainty sandwich in one hand and a hard-boiled egg in the other, eating with an evident appetite that aroused Tip's sympathy.
hard-boiled egg into religious contrition, or a cream-puff into a sigh
And do you remember how we rolled hard-boiled eggs in the ballroom, and suddenly two old women began spinning round on the carpet?
She spread an amazing array of ham and chicken sandwiches, crab salad, hard-boiled eggs, pickled pigs' feet, ripe olives and dill pickles, Swiss cheese, salted almonds, oranges and bananas, and several pint bottles of beer.
To peel a hard-boiled egg easily pierce the shell of the egg with a pushpin before putting it into boiling water.
It is said that a hard-boiled egg tastes best when done right.
It's becoming more normal to see a face that looks like a cross between a hard-boiled egg and a cat Ugly Betty star Ashley Jensen
It was topped with a generous slice of ham, slices of chicken and hard-boiled egg wrapped in banana leaf.
EGG MAYO SANDWICH SP Mash hard-boiled egg and mix with 1 level tbsp extra-light mayonnaise.
Whole wheat toast topped with an egg, nut butter on apple slices, or a cup of oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg are quick and easy ways to jump-start your day.
lt;Surely her mother would not object to a nutritious hard-boiled egg.
Margot says it's similar to how a raw egg with a runny center spins differently from a hard-boiled egg.