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or hard-hat  (härd′hăt′)
a. A lightweight protective helmet, usually of metal or reinforced plastic, worn by workers in industrial settings.
b. Informal A construction worker.
2. Slang
a. An ultraconservative.
b. An extremely patriotic person with a conventional, usually unquestioning sense of morality.
1. Relating to heavy industry, construction, or demolition.
2. Informal Of, relating to, or characterized by extreme conservatism.
3. Slang Extremely patriotic.
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Vendors must wear a hardhat at all times in the building and no open-toed shoes.
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment's two new light towers--the HiLight V4 and the LED HiLight V5+--are lightweight, compact and feature Atlas Copco's exclusive HardHat canopy for extreme durability in rugged applications, such as plant maintenance, construction and roadbuilding.
A big smile for the camera from Sam Tulley modelling his hardhat 240414NURSERY PETER REIMANN
The court concluded that nine of the 12 items in controversy fell within the definition of clothing: flame-retardant jacket, pants and hood; hardhat, snood, work gloves, leggings, metatarsal boots and wristlets.
1 Atlas Copco announced Joe Kallis, rental consultant at Wagner Rents in Silverthorne, CO, as the first winner of its XAS 185 Hardhat portable air compressor contest.
But the image of a prowar worker in a hardhat punching a privileged protester is enshrined in our cultural memory.
Although I accept that "clothes maketh the man" may not be fashionable today, surely there is little doubt that a four-star general in his fatigues, a judge without a wig, a headmaster in jeans, a politician in a hardhat and a fluorescent jacket, Jeremy Paxman without a tie, Chris Patten with his hands in his pockets, tends to diminish their credibility and enhance our mistrust.
Note the presence of someone whom I believe maybe a priest in the foreground centre, dressed in black wearing the construction hardhat.
Atlas Copco showcased its latest range of diesel-powered generator sets and lighting masts, including the ultra-tough HardHat design QAX range of portable generators at the Middle East Electricity show in Dubai.
tanding high at 11-and- half inches in her trendy ankle boots and carrying a hardhat and pink drawing tube, Mattel's Architect Barbie, icon of the building trades is ready for launch.
A university professor and long-serving Pontifical Council member, Bishop Beshara Rai must now find space for a hardhat next to his mortarboard and miter.
Nine Atlas Copco compressors, including the first two HardHat models in Bahrain, have been delivered to the prestigious Riffa Views Signature Estate development comprising almost 1,000 luxury villas and townhouses around an 18-hole PGA Championship golf course and country club.