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A hard-surfaced area for parking aircraft or ground vehicles.



also hard′stand`ing,

a hard-surfaced area on which heavy vehicles or airplanes can be parked.


1. A paved or stabilized area where vehicles are parked.
2. Open ground area having a prepared surface and used for the storage of materiel.
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Tenders are invited for Provn Of Hardstanding And Parking For Jcos Md Accn Scooter Cycle Shed In Ors Md Accn Store For Gym In Bldg No Wb 275 And Hardstanding Between Wb 12 And Wb 13 Of Mcte Under Ge Mcte Mhow
Outside are gardens with sheds, a double garage and hardstanding.
Ref: M/FP/0439/14/P Address: Parcel Force, Raleigh Court, Middlesbrough Proposal: Creation of additional hardstanding for vehicular parking.
It also has a hardstanding for a motorhome, camper van or touring caravan, and estate agents Iwan M Williams say it is ideally situated for recreational use such as fishing or walking.
There is dual gated side access to the paddock and side vehicle hardstanding.
There is ample driveway parking and a large back garden with glorious views, patio areas, decking, lawn, barbecue area, shed, summerhouse and hardstanding for greenhouses.
L Barnard, extension to agricultural barn and hardstanding, land off Haddingley Lane, Cumberworth.
Workmen will extend the bulking station building by 25m to the west of the existing building, onto an area of hardstanding that is currently occupied by storage bays.
24 for the reinstatement of an external hardstanding wall pounds 130.
Byron Lewis of ABP said: "The upgrade and use of the existing hardstanding track is a major step forward in relieving traffic congestion around Barry Island, and shows what can be achieved by the council and ourselves working in partnership.
Retention of earth bund, hardstanding and pool for agricultural reasons at Heronsbrook Farm, Warwick Road, Knowle.
Part of the wall swings open like a drawbridge or garage door, so that people can spill out onto a hardstanding for al fresco events.