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A woman prostitute.

[Middle English, vagabond, itinerant jester, rascal, lecher, harlot, from Old French arlot, herlot, vagabond, of unknown origin.]

har′lot·ry (-lə-trē) n.


(ˈhɑr lə tri)



the state or practice of being a harlot or prostitute.
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Noun1.harlotry - offering sexual intercourse for payharlotry - offering sexual intercourse for pay
vice crime - a vice that is illegal
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Their harlotry and penchant for undermining due process will have a far-reaching import for the process that would culminate in the primaries of the parties; whoever wished to be the candidates will be determined by their whims and caprice of the few power drunks.
Dominating the show is the triptych titled 'The Adultery of Gomer,' the woman infamous for her harlotry, who was married to the prophet Hosea, whose faithfulness to her was reflective of the faithfulness of God to His people, the Israelites, who had become spiritual whores.
After the fall, Neftali began to accuse his sisters and his poor fat mother of harlotry.
15) Thais is referenced in a number of great works of literature, but perhaps most relevant to Un bufalo is the figure of Thais portrayed in Anatole France's nineteenth-century novel about a religious hermit's quest to save the beautiful Thais from harlotry.
In many Muslim countries, homosexuality, harlotry, dipsomania, alcohol consumption and suicide are considered unethical by a great majority of people in several Muslim countries but an individual act, and have sharp differences on issues such as polygamy.
When Tamar becomes pregnant with twins, Judah decides that she should be executed for harlotry.
Rebuke your mother, rebuke her--for she is not My wife and I am not her husband--and let her put away her harlotry from her face and her adultery from between her breasts.
He transforms, finally, the Cook, the enthusiastic listener who laughs along with the Reeve after hearing his churlish story of harlotry and supposedly just deserts (4325-29).
Such naming units were formed for women as strange woman, public woman, street-walker, polecat, walk-street, night-shade, hackney-woman, fling-dust, night-trader, hackney-wench, hell-moth, public commoner, night-worm, Winchester goose, stewed strumpet, laced mutton, wagtail, huckster, twigger, waistcoateer, martail, occupant, community, doxy, harlotry and, for men, love-boy and ganymedean.
We know exactly about them and we're not going to forget or forgive, he said; Our stakes in this country are far higher than theirs and better for them to stop their mediatic harlotry right away, Raad went on.
Harlotry, divorce, alcoholism, liberalism, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, venality, murder, labor racketeering, juvenile delinquency, cowardice, atheism, extortion, slander, and theft were the height of fashion.
Luther famously asserted against reason: "And what I say about the sin of lust, which everybody understands, applies also to reason; for reason mocks and affronts God in spiritual things and has in it more hideous harlotry than any harlot.