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 (här′mə-tăn′, här-măt′n)
A dry dusty wind that blows along the northwest coast of Africa.

[Akan (Twi) haramata, possibly from Arabic ḥarām, evil thing, from ḥarama, to prohibit; see x̣rm in Semitic roots.]


(Physical Geography) a dry dusty wind from the Sahara blowing towards the W African coast, esp from November to March
[C17: from Twi haramata, perhaps from Arabic harām forbidden thing; see harem]


(ˌhɑr məˈtæn)

(in W Africa) a dry, parching wind, charged with dust from the Sahara, esp. frequent in the winter.
[1665–75; said to be < Twi haramata]
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Noun1.harmattan - a dusty wind from the Sahara that blows toward the western coast of Africa during the winter
air current, current of air, wind - air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure; "trees bent under the fierce winds"; "when there is no wind, row"; "the radioactivity was being swept upwards by the air current and out into the atmosphere"
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The warning light for Harmattan winds will be continuous vertical glare (white) on all oases of trans-Saharan N.
freighter Ulema taken ground during Harmattan on Akakus Range.
From the direction of the wind whenever it has fallen, and from its having always fallen during those months when the harmattan is known to raise clouds of dust high into the atmosphere, we may feel sure that it all comes from Africa.
So that Monsoons, Pampas, Nor-Westers, Harmattans, Trades; any wind but the Levanter and Simoom, might blow Moby Dick into the devious zig-zag world-circle of the Pequod's circumnavigating wake.
The harmattan has eased off, and the heat is in full blast, so you need to run away from dehydration.
Haematological and serum biochemical changes in pigs administered with ascorbic acid and transported by road for four hours during the harmattan season.
This international art centre is located at Agbarah-otor and is the venue for a series of Harmattan workshops that has awoken the artistic sensibilities and thought patterns of many participants over the years.
Another similar study was carried out in an African country Nigeria where review of 101 epistaxis cases proved that dry-hot and cold harmattan weather had the highest prevalence of epistaxis2.
With an African setting coming to light through references to local crops, baobab trees, and harmattan winds, the narrative speeds through chapters of conflict and violence, all rendered with florid, old-fashioned dialogue.
Oil and gas company Bellatrix Exploration (TSX:BXE) (NYSE:BXE) said on Monday that it has entered into an agreement with a TSX-listed issuer to sell certain non-core assets in the greater Harmattan area of Alberta for CAD80m, before customary closing adjustments.
It had acquired rights for 30% of Exxon's stake in the Harmattan acreage in the Cardium formation in Canada's Alberta province.
Dry season in Senegal is marked by the presence of a cold, dry wind, the harmattan, which corresponds to the peak of strangulated hernias during these months.