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1. Exhibiting accord in feeling or action.
2. Having component elements pleasingly or appropriately combined: a harmonious blend of architectural styles.
3. Characterized by harmony of sound.

har·mo′ni·ous·ly adv.
har·mo′ni·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.harmoniousness - the property of sounding harmonious
harmony - an agreeable sound property
2.harmoniousness - compatibility in opinion and actionharmoniousness - compatibility in opinion and action
compatibility - capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination
congruence, congruity, congruousness - the quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate
إنْسِجام، تَوافُق


(ˈhaːməni) plural ˈharmonies noun
1. (of musical sounds, colours etc) (the state of forming) a pleasing combination. The singers sang in harmony.
2. the agreement of people's feelings, opinions etc. Few married couples live in perfect harmony.
harˈmonic (-ˈmo-) adjective
of, or concerned with, especially musical harmony.
harˈmonious (-ˈməu-) adjective
1. pleasant-sounding. a harmonious melody.
2. pleasant to the eye. a harmonious colour scheme.
3. without disagreement or bad feeling. a harmonious relationship.
harˈmoniously adverb
harˈmoniousness noun
ˈharmonize, ˈharmonise verb
1. to sing or play musical instruments in harmony.
2. to add different parts to (a melody) to form harmonies.
3. to (cause to) be in harmony or agreement. The colours in this room harmonize nicely.
harmoniˈzation, harmoniˈsation noun
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Here too, the author feels that it is not merely the words that attack the Jews, but, the music itself, with its simple, chordal, and "harmonious" style: the resulting "experience of harmoniousness sought to become .
composition, and the harmoniousness of his language can hide from us the
This school-prison harmoniousness is illustrated by the life trajectory of students of color who are suspended or expelled.