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The breeding period for Harpy Eagles is usually coincident with the start of the rainy season, usually between April and May (Galetti and Carvalho Junior, 2000).
Starting with a slow and peaceful pace, it quickly traps you into becoming involved in the jungle world of a 23-year-old graduate student who is studying harpy eagles in a rain forest.
As well as its nightlife and booming restaurant scene, you've also got a wealth of attractions within easy reach, including two coastlines and the breathtaking rainforest with toucans, hummingbirds, harpy eagles, howler monkeys, even the occasional jaguar if you're very lucky.
The preservation of large areas of undisturbed land is important to maintain a genetically viable population of top predators, such as jaguars and harpy eagles, according to Mogelgaard.
Harpy eagles are rare and threatened throughout their range, and in Ecuador very little is known about them.