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 (här′kə-bəs, -kwə-) also ar·que·bus (är′-)
A heavy portable matchlock gun invented during the 1400s. Also called hackbut.

[Obsolete French harquebuse, from Old French, alteration of Middle Dutch hakebus : hake, hook; see keg- in Indo-European roots + busse, gun (from Late Latin buxis, box; see box1).]


(ˈhɑːkwɪbəs) ,




n, pl -buses or -busses
(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) variant forms of arquebus


(ˈhɑr kwə bəs)

n., pl. -bus•es.
small-caliber long gun operated by a matchlock or wheel-lock mechanism, dating from about 1400.
[1525–35; < Middle French harquebusche (with intrusive -r-) < Middle Dutch hākebusse=hāke hook + busse gun (literally, box) < Late Latin buxis, for Latin buxus box1]
har`que•bus•ier′ (-kwə bəˈsɪər) n.
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Noun1.harquebus - an obsolete firearm with a long barrelharquebus - an obsolete firearm with a long barrel
muzzle loader - an obsolete firearm that was loaded through the muzzle


[ˈhɑːkwɪbəs] N (Hist) → arcabuz m
References in classic literature ?
Near the skeleton lay a helmet of hammered brass and a corroded breastplate of steel while at one side was a long, straight sword in its scabbard and an ancient harquebus.
Caption: This Manchu soldier, circa 1860, is still armed with a matchlock harquebus.
In the 1957 Foret edition illustrations, Dali utilized lithographic stones and an antique shotgun, a harquebus, to fire balloons of paint onto them.
He was missing some teeth and a usable left hand, lost "when he was hit by a harquebus shot while boarding a Turkish galleon at the Battle of Lepanto.
Past attendees (How to do Business with the Indian Armed Forces Masterclass, 9th June 2015, London, UK) include: AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd, Bohemia Interactive Simulations UK, Harquebus LTD, Rolls-Royce Plc, RUAG Switzerland Ltd, Ruslan International, TVS Supply Chain Solutions and UKTI Defence & Security Organisation.
early as 1526 of the Arsenal of Venice ordering harquebus barrels from