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Noun1.hashmark - an insignia worn to indicate years of servicehashmark - an insignia worn to indicate years of service
insignia - a badge worn to show official position
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Manchester's Matty Davies scored, but was then ejected for abuse of the official after Venus's second, which he tipped in from near the hashmark.
After the range session I removed the caps and replaced them with the "zero" hashmark aligned with the center-mark at the base of each turret.
The ball was sitting on the right hashmark at the 8-yard line.
Both wings are told to sprint quickly and immediately to (only) their assigned outside lane's backcourt's hashmark and to use that floor marking to maintain the proper width as they reach their secondary fastbreak spotup positions downcourt.
On Oregon State's first play of the second overtime, Aliotti saw the Beavers request that the ball be placed on the left hashmark, saw freshman flanker James Rodgers in the boundary and called what he thought was the perfect defensive alignment to stop the Beavers' fly sweep.
The rule for the Z receiver is never to line up more than five yards outside the hashmark.
His field goals have come from 26, 28, 33, 35 and 37 yards, and all from the coveted left hashmark.
His job is to run down the hashmark on kickoff teams, and he will never get off that hashmark,'' coach Alan Eberhart said of the Falcons' returning special teams player of the year, who again is expected to be involved in his team's biggest collisions.
But in reality, the best way to ensure the value of each click or hashmark is to do it on the range.
Oregon has a first down on the Cal 31, the football on the left hashmark as the Ducks drive toward the Stadium Club.
Secondary Coverages: Our basic calls are Slant Weak, Cover 3 and Slant Strong, Cover 2, but these coverages are adjustable, depending on hashmark location and the offensive formation.