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(ˈhæz ənt)
contraction of has not.
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The Minister hasnt answered a single written question since she became a Minister, including one asked on 27 November 2017, almost three months ago.
The Division 1A Athletic Director's Association, now known as Lead1, hasnt taken a stance on sports betting, said Tom McMillen, president and CEO.
The federal gas tax hasnt been raised since 1993 and hasnt kept up with inflation, she said.
We get the bigger part of the $10 million than Indoesia and Sri Lanka but not the amount hasnt been broken down yet,' he said.
Jeff Hirschberg, vice chairman of The Northeast Maglev, said that despite the need for federal funds and the fact the Japanese technology hasnt been approved for transit uses in this country the company still thinks it can be up and running by 2024.
Central President All Pakistan Government Employees Coordination Council Mohammad Aslam Khan told media crews that despite pledges by the provincial government, the allowance hasnt been approved.
He also expressed that the working relationship with Chacha Imran Khan hasnt established as yet.
THE boys doubles winner Sumit Nagal said the feeling of winning a junior title at Wimbledon hasnt sunk in yet.
Green polyethylene (PE) hasnt reached its full potential, but the technologys popularity is growth, particularly among companies like Tetra Pak, General Mills, McCain and Danone.
rickygervais "@LukePFC09: They can say they are going to kill people all they want, doing it is another thing" good luck trying that at an airport:) Paulmcgrath5 Something bugging me - Steven Ireland hasnt got a club yet.
If we're lucky, we can unload a container in two days, if a boat hasnt come in, but if there is a boat, it will take several days and you just have to wait," said Wilmer Guevara, processing agent for the Baptist customs agency.
An IMF mission wraps up a two-week inspection Wednesday of the Serbian economy as part of a periodic Article IV consultation, but it hasnt opened negotiations with the former Yugoslav republic on a new loan, he said.