hasten back


w>hasten back

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Thank you, friend; I won't sit down," said Dinah, "for I must hasten back.
I must hasten back to her, for it is wonderful how she clings now, and was not willing to let me out of her sight.
Set her down by the large bush with red berries, standing in the snow; don't stay talking, but hasten back as fast as possible.
Though her nephew had had no particular reason to hasten back on her account, she had not lived above sixandthirty hours after his return.
I went into another chamber, but was ready to hasten back, being almost overcome with a horrible stink.
Their excursions are brief and hurried; as soon as they have collected and jerked sufficient buffalo meat for winter provisions, they pack their horses, abandon the dangerous hunting grounds, and hasten back to the mountains, happy if they have not the terrible Blackfeet rattling after them.
Had there not been those within the cruel city of Kadabra who needed succor far worse than the poor unfortunate dead and dying out there in the cold upon the bent and broken carcasses of a thousand fliers I could not have restrained my desire to hasten back and do battle with those horrid creatures that had been despatched to rend and devour them.
And let us hasten back to Barnesdale and finish hanging the other.
Unless I would spend the night among the unknown dangers of the mysterious forest, I must hasten back to the enclosure.
But just now he wanted to hasten back to Caleb and the prostrate youth.
At last, when the swinish uproar resounded through the palace, and when he saw the image of a hog in the marble basin, he thought it best to hasten back to the vessel, and inform the wise Ulysses of these marvelous occurrences.
Zach said, "If I were to speak to Netanyahu, I'd quote him a passage from the Book of Isaiah, [chapter 49, verse 17]: 'Your children hasten back, and those who laid you waste depart from you'.