haul away

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Verb1.haul away - take away by means of a vehicle; "They carted off the old furniture"
take away, take out - take out or remove; "take out the chicken after adding the vegetables"

w>haul away

vi (= pull)mit aller Kraft ziehen (→ at, on an +dat); (rowers)sich in die Riemen legen; haul away!hau ruck!
References in classic literature ?
The rope was placed around the prisoner's neck and the men prepared to haul away.
It's fly time and no wonder the cows suffer and slack up on their milk when there is a lazy bones like you around who won't even help haul away the manure.
They get down and dirty with the debris they are supposed to remove, tossing them into their trucks to haul away.
Bergkamp said trucks will be traveling west to US-77 to haul away rock from the quarry.
Work includes Remove and haul away existing hand railing system.
It caused traffic congestion until police arrived to haul away the vehicles, which were all damaged.
Summary: Police catch suspects trying to haul away car in a truck
Rather than haul away a pile of earth in his Albion, California, front yard after excavating his home's foundation, nursery owner Gary Ratway decided to plant it.
LIZ GREEN - HAUL AWAY MANCHESTER folk singer-songwriter Liz Green's second album, Haul Away, is an acquired taste, but certainly benefits from repeated listens as her compositions gradually reveal their charms.
The building is full of creaky doors, decaying rooms and an underground tunnel that was used to haul away the dead.
But a new Montana law is trying to make the best of the situation by allowing people to haul away and cook dead deer, elk, moose, and antelope they hit or find on the roadside.
A tug vessel with a pull capacity of 70 tonnes, along with other ships, was used to haul away MV Wisdom.