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hawk 1

1. Any of various birds of prey, especially of the genera Accipiter and Buteo in the family Accipitridae, characteristically having a short hooked bill and strong claws used for seizing.
2. Any of various similar birds of prey.
3. A person who preys on others; a shark.
a. One who demonstrates an actively aggressive or combative attitude, as in an argument.
b. A person who favors military force or action in order to carry out foreign policy.
intr.v. hawked, hawk·ing, hawks
1. To hunt with trained hawks.
2. To swoop and strike in the manner of a hawk: "It was fun to watch the scattered snail kites ... lifting and falling in the wind as they hawked across the shining grass and water" (Peter Matthiessen).

[Middle English hauk, from Old English hafoc; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]

hawk′ish adj.
hawk′ish·ly adv.
hawk′ish·ness n.

hawk 2

v. hawked, hawk·ing, hawks
To peddle goods aggressively, especially by calling out.
To peddle (goods) aggressively, especially by calling out.

[Middle English hauken, back-formation from hauker; see hawker.]

hawk 3

v. hawked, hawk·ing, hawks
To clear or attempt to clear the throat by or as if by coughing up phlegm.
To clear the throat of (phlegm).
An audible effort to clear the throat by expelling phlegm.



(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) favouring the use or display of force rather than diplomacy to achieve foreign policy goals


(ˈhɔ kɪʃ)

1. resembling a hawk, as in appearance or behavior.
2. advocating war or a belligerently threatening diplomatic policy.
hawk′ish•ly, adv.
hawk′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.hawkish - disposed to warfare or hard-line policies; "militant nations"; "hawkish congressman"; "warlike policies"
unpeaceful - not peaceful; "unpeaceful times"; "an unpeaceful marriage"


[ˈhɔːkɪʃ] ADJ (Pol) → de línea dura


[ˈhɔːkɪʃ] adjbelliciste


[ˈhɔːkɪʃ] adj (politician) → che sostiene la linea dura
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Whilst it will be important to see the latest two year inflation projections and decipher whether Mr Carney is edging towards a move hawkish stance, really the bigger question remains if the FOMC will move in September, November or December, with the market pricing in a higher chance of a September rate hike following hawkish comments from Fed voting member Lockhart earlier in the week.
Summary: Now that it is clear the new Israeli government will be more hawkish than ever, and less interested in Palestinian interests, it is time for the international community and the Middle East.
Even people with a little knowledge of the political dynamics of Mideast issue know fully well that Israel under Netanyahu will never shun its hawkish attitude toward Palestinians.
Hawkish central bank The data was released days before the hawkish central bank, which has held its benchmark lending rate at a steep eight percent since last January, meets for its regular policy review.
Russiawill not give us peace so I am asking the defence minister for full battle readiness," said Arseny Yatseniuk in comments in keeping with the hawkish stance he has been taking over negotiations with separatist rebels ineastern Ukraine.
The hawkish tone of the bank, after the raise, led to speculation that inflation could breach the target for next year.
The GDP print this morning had given the market some pause as to how hawkish the Fed might be,''Stacey Nutt, of ClariVest Asset Management LLC in San Diego, said in an interview.
Only a few weeks earlier, Carney had declared that the BoE was in "no hurry to raise interest rates" and this sudden hawkish transition caused the EURGBP to fall to its lowest value since August 2012.
Clash RBI will hold its first monetary policy- setting meeting this week amid speculation its hawkish stance could bring it into conflict with Modi's pro- growth policies.
Still, HSBC's Eskesen expects the RBI to maintain a hawkish stance.
This is only the latest of a series of examples of hawkish American players getting ready for a post-Obama US.
The "Iron Fist" is Always an Admission of Failure Despite the tragedy of fallen soldiers, calls for the Lebanese army to be more hawkish should be ignored.