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n. Slang
A powerful blow with the fist.


1. (Agriculture) a person who helps to cut, turn, toss, spread, or carry hay
2. (Agriculture) Also called: hay conditioner either of two machines, one designed to crush stems of hay, the other to break and bend them, in order to cause more rapid and even drying
3. (Boxing) boxing slang a wild swinging punch
ˈhayˌmaking adj, n


(ˈheɪˌmeɪ kər)

1. a person or machine that cuts hay and spreads it to dry.
2. Slang. a knockout punch.
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Noun1.haymaker - a farm machine that treats hay to cause more rapid and even drying
farm machine - a machine used in farming
2.haymaker - a hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxinghaymaker - a hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing
biff, punch, lick, clout, poke, slug - (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"


[ˈheɪmeɪkəʳ] Nheneador(a) m/f, labrador(a) m/f que trabaja en la siega or la recolección del heno
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Tramping, begging, thieving, working sometimes when I could - though that warn't as often as you may think, till you put the question whether you would ha' been over-ready to give me work yourselves - a bit of a poacher, a bit of a labourer, a bit of a waggoner, a bit of a haymaker, a bit of a hawker, a bit of most things that don't pay and lead to trouble, I got to be a man.
As if the clock hadn't finished striking, and the convulsive little Haymaker at the top of it, jerking away right and left with a scythe in front of a Moorish Palace, hadn't mowed down half an acre of imaginary grass before the Cricket joined in at all!
Meantime, the jolly blaze uprose and fell, flashing and gleaming on the little Haymaker at the top of the Dutch clock, until one might have thought he stood stock still before the Moorish Palace, and nothing was in motion but the flame.
It was not until a violent commotion and a whirring noise among the weights and ropes below him had quite subsided, that this terrified Haymaker became himself again.
The fair little listener--for fair she was, and young: though something of what is called the dumpling shape; but I don't myself object to that--lighted a candle, glanced at the Haymaker on the top of the clock, who was getting in a pretty average crop of minutes; and looked out of the window, where she saw nothing, owing to the darkness, but her own face imaged in the glass.
Strike, says the smith, the iron is white; keep the rake, says the haymaker, as nigh the scythe as you can, and the cart as nigh the rake.
It was not a bright or splendid summer evening, though fair and soft: the haymakers were at work all along the road; and the sky, though far from cloudless, was such as promised well for the future: its blue--where blue was visible--was mild and settled, and its cloud strata high and thin.
Swiftly he ran across the fields, and down the little lanes which sometimes divided them: now almost hidden by the high corn on either side, and now emerging on an open field, where the mowers and haymakers were busy at their work: nor did he stop once, save now and then, for a few seconds, to recover breath, until he came, in a great heat, and covered with dust, on the little market-place of the market-town.
Haymaker Energy has secured permission to place thousands of solar panels over around 45 hectares of farmland owned by the Kinmel estate, between the A55 and Kinmel Bay.
Highway Patrol Lieutenant Bill Haymaker said "due to the severity of the fire" it was difficult to know why the plane came down.
Now, because of a subsidiary of All3Media, Hay has crossed over into the reality television business for The Haymaker.
However, the Haymaker has never been short of confidence or the ability to talk a good fight and he let rip here to Geordie fans.