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1. A rack from which livestock feed.
a. A rack fitted to a wagon for carrying hay.
b. A wagon fitted with such a rack.


1. (Agriculture) a rack for holding hay for feeding to animals
2. (Agriculture) a rack fixed to a cart or wagon to increase the quantity of hay or straw that it can carry



1. a rack for holding hay for feeding horses or cattle.
2. a rack or framework mounted on a wagon, for use in carrying hay, straw, or the like.
3. the wagon and rack together.


A board frame with ladder-like ends about six feet high. The rack replaced the usual wagon box when hay was to be hauled. The frame was about twelve feet long and seven feet wide and, with careful stacking of the hay, would hold about as much as two horses could pull.
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Noun1.Hayrack - a rack that holds hay for feeding livestockhayrack - a rack that holds hay for feeding livestock
rack - framework for holding objects
2.hayrack - a frame attached to a wagon to increase the amount of hay it can carry
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
References in classic literature ?
Morton would decide to accept a hayrack in return for a year's instruction from her daughter.
Easy to clean, it comes with a hayrack, water bowl and sun shade.
Discuss cornstalks and shocks, scarecrows, hayrack rides, and the beautiful colors of fall.
I loaded the hayrack and started on my way, distance of 180 miles.
He discovered that the living liners worked instant magic on hanging baskets, freestanding baskets, half baskets, and hayrack planters.
A number of fences were modified before the start of Badminton and on Friday, organisers took out a fence, the Hayrack, due to wet conditions.
Guests can take a horse-drawn hayrack ride through Village West every Friday and Saturday evening before heading back to the lodge for a hot cup of cocoa.
Several animals will constantly chewand tug at your coat while their accomplices busy themselves knocking over the torch that was strategically balanced on top of the hayrack.
The wagon has a hayrack that I put on when hauling loose hay.
When the hayrack is removed the morning of a race, most horses grow edgy, sensing what's coming.
Leave it too late and you are carried along in a trundling tide of yeomanry, scrap dealers and nosey parkers all jostling for pole position next to the auctioneer and eager to see who bids what on the four leg hayrack with one leg missing and two bent over with old age.
Staff were working in the barn when the lights came on and turned around to see Jake had climbed on his hayrack and pushed the switch with his horns