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1. Marked by danger; perilous.
2. Depending on chance; risky.

haz′ard·ous·ly adv.
haz′ard·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.hazardousness - the state of being dangerous
danger - the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury; "you are in no danger"; "there was widespread danger of disease"
şansa bağlı olmatehlike


(ˈhӕzəd) noun
(something which causes) a risk of harm or danger. the hazards of mountain-climbing.
1. to risk; to be prepared to do (something, the result of which is uncertain). Are you prepared to hazard your life for the success of this mission?
2. to put forward (a guess etc).
ˈhazardous adjective
dangerous. a hazardous journey; hazardous waste.
ˈhazardousness noun
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Production systems were adapted to improve the performance of environmental indicators such as energy conservation (by replacement of equipment for other more energy efficient), modification of packaging for reuse (replacement of one-way cardboard and wooden packaging for long life returnable plastic packaging), waste management (reducing hazardousness and increasing reuse) and recyclability (through the implementation of recyclable waste stations, elimination of oil leaks in equipment and machines, elimination of CFC refrigerant gas in refrigeration equipment and investment in equipment that is more environmentally adequate, with water-based painting and others).
Validated toxicity tests are urgently needed to assess the potential hazardousness of these pollutants.
Fearing an anonymous terrible condition entailing the presidential gap, the Mufti hoped that the elections would be accomplished before the constitutional deadline in order to avert hazardousness and enter a state of security and stability.
The environmental hazardousness of retorted oil shale has been largely attributed to phenols found in semi-coke, particularly the watersoluble fraction of these compounds [3].
He accomplishes to cross the border between journalistic news coverage and conventional art images; thereby he transfers the unmasked hazardousness of reality into our field of vision--apart from the newspaper and TV newscasts, which seemed to exclusively claim to be in favor of documenting worldwide happenings until then (cf.
However, in many cases these objects and sites fail to correspond to the idea of eco-friendly tourism because of pollution or hazardousness.
The danger of such development cannot be underestimated as there is a mismatch between the inherent, high susceptibility of caravans to flood damage and the hazardousness of the floodplain environment.
These factors are similar to the ones suggested by Justice Stevens and are as follows: 1) Product Hazardousness, 2) Severity of Injury and 3) Revenue Incurred from the Forum.
Valenzuela's voice as the extradiegetic author and the one of "Rulitos" as intradiegetic author/narrator/character fuse the symbolic and the literal planes to demonstrate "El Brujo's" eminent hazardousness beyond the physical.
The sources of damages, such as computer bugs, hacker attacks and denial-of-service attacks, are more frequent and their hazardousness and sophistication are increasing.
The newly proposed substances are the outcome of a review during which the risks connected with some 2,000 substances were examined in terms of their concentration in surface waters, their hazardousness and their production and use.

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