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1. Marked by danger; perilous.
2. Depending on chance; risky.

haz′ard·ous·ly adv.
haz′ard·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.hazardousness - the state of being dangerous
danger - the condition of being susceptible to harm or injury; "you are in no danger"; "there was widespread danger of disease"
şansa bağlı olmatehlike


(ˈhӕzəd) noun
(something which causes) a risk of harm or danger. the hazards of mountain-climbing.
1. to risk; to be prepared to do (something, the result of which is uncertain). Are you prepared to hazard your life for the success of this mission?
2. to put forward (a guess etc).
ˈhazardous adjective
dangerous. a hazardous journey; hazardous waste.
ˈhazardousness noun
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Because tropes differ from schemes in causing semantic disruption, tropic conformatio (personification) manifests itself in a derangement and blending of categories pivotal to metaphor: hence Quintilian's stress on the boldness and hazardousness of the enterprise.
The act's inherent hazardousness is best illustrated by an incident that occurred in 1983 during a performance in Kazakhstan while they were performing with a Russian circus.
The methodology has been developed for evaluating the hazardousness of damages potentially suffered during car operation on the basis of the amount of energy absorbed.
Further more, predicting of leaching behavior and chemistry of different compounds in semicoke is very important in order to assess the environmental hazardousness of semicoke as well as to determine the applicability of different technologies for this solid waste disposal and possible reuse.
The critics of the Act of 1908 directly confronted the issue of hazardousness.

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