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a. A chance of being injured or harmed: Space travel is full of hazards.
b. Risk or danger: a high degree of hazard.
2. A possible source of danger: This room is a fire hazard.
3. Games A game played with dice that is a forerunner of craps and was especially popular in England in the 1600s and 1700s.
4. Sports An obstacle, such as a sand trap, found on a golf course.
5. Archaic Chance or an accident.
tr.v. haz·ard·ed, haz·ard·ing, haz·ards
1. To expose to danger or risk. See Synonyms at endanger.
a. To venture (something): hazard a guess.
b. To express at the risk of denial, criticism, or censure: "The wise young captain ... hazarded to the lieutenant-colonel that the enemy's infantry would probably soon attack the hill" (Stephen Crane).

[Middle English hasard, a kind of dice game, from Old French, from Old Spanish azar, unlucky throw of the dice, chance, possibly from Arabic az-zahr, the die : al-, the + zahr, die (possibly from zahr, flowers (the losing sides of some medieval dice perhaps being decorated with images of flowers), from zahara, to shine, be radiant; see zhr in Semitic roots).]


pl n
(Automotive Engineering) another name for hazard lights
References in classic literature ?
How obvious is it, too, that this necessity for the whale's rising exposes him to all the fatal hazards of the chase.
There stood one, in physical proportion and stature commanding and exact--in intellect richly endowed--in natural elo- quence a prodigy--in soul manifestly "created but a little lower than the angels"--yet a slave, ay, a fugi- tive slave,--trembling for his safety, hardly daring to believe that on the American soil, a single white person could be found who would befriend him at all hazards, for the love of God and humanity
You must all endeavour to comprehend the exact nature of my situation when I first arrived at Randalls; you must consider me as having a secret which was to be kept at all hazards.
If the one design then in her mind had been the design of going on the stage, she would, at all hazards, have rejected the more than doubtful assistance of Captain Wragge on the spot.
Here my master interposed, by asking me, "how I could persuade strangers, out of different countries, to venture with me, after the losses I had sustained, and the hazards I had run?
It was to renew that connection with their country which had been severed by their compulsory expatriation, that they resolved to face all the hazards of a perilous navigation and all the labors of a toilsome distant settlement.
Thou dost mark well, faithful and trusty squire, the gloom of this night, its strange silence, the dull confused murmur of those trees, the awful sound of that water in quest of which we came, that seems as though it were precipitating and dashing itself down from the lofty mountains of the Moon, and that incessant hammering that wounds and pains our ears; which things all together and each of itself are enough to instil fear, dread, and dismay into the breast of Mars himself, much more into one not used to hazards and adventures of the kind.
If these lessons teach us, on one hand, to admire the improvement made by America on the ancient mode of preparing and establishing regular plans of government, they serve not less, on the other, to admonish us of the hazards and difficulties incident to such experiments, and of the great imprudence of unnecessarily multiplying them.
Fix, seeing that he must, at all hazards, be separated from his master, wished to entirely overcome him.
Meanwhile, it was necessary at all hazards, in order to gain time, to put some obstacle in the way of the execution on the following day -- the day appointed by the judges.
The orator was here interrupted by a burst of irrepressible enthusiasm; every individual Pygmy crying out that the national honor must be preserved at all hazards.
His heart burned for the foray, the ambush, the skirmish, the scamper, and all the haps and hazards of roving and predatory warfare.

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