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Noun1.head lettuce - distinguished by leaves arranged in a dense rosette that develop into a compact ballhead lettuce - distinguished by leaves arranged in a dense rosette that develop into a compact ball
butterhead lettuce - lettuce with relatively soft leaves in a loose head; easily broken or bruised
crisphead lettuce, iceberg lettuce, iceberg - lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head; "iceberg is still the most popular lettuce"
genus Lactuca, Lactuca - an herb with milky juice: lettuce; prickly lettuce
lettuce - any of various plants of the genus Lactuca
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LETTUCE AND CAULIFLOWER SALAD Take 1 head lettuce and shred it and chop 1 boiled cauliflower into a glass bowl.
However, three longtime fruit and vegetable staples that have fallen out of favor with some health-conscious consumers -- orange juice, potatoes and head lettuce -- account for much of the decline, USDA reports.
True head lettuce, such as iceberg, takes as long as romaine to mature and tends to become bitter and bolt when temperatures get above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 14, 2014-Edible Garden's hydroponic butter head lettuce is now being shipped to John Vena for distribution
The USDA says that loose leaf lettuce contains three to six times more vitamins than the blanched leaves of head lettuce.
Cabbage and head lettuce are harvested before the cabbage head splits or the head lettuce bolts into seed.
the head lettuce lumps stuck onto the sides of my hips for?
At a low temperature of 3[degrees]C, regular phosphine fumigation took 3 days at more than 2,000 ppm concentration to control lettuce aphid, and the treatment resulted in significantly higher percentages of both romaine and head lettuce having injuries than the 2-day oxygenated phosphine fumigation at 1,000 ppm concentration under 60 percent oxygen, which also controlled lettuce aphid.
1 head lettuce Olives with pimientos, sliced Italian salad dressing
Baboli had the highest vitamin c and butter head lettuce cv.
We feel that bag salads have slowed down and head lettuce sales have picked up.