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He was not only useless as an officer and a bad influence amongst the men, but it was plain that at this rate he must soon kill himself outright, so nobody was much surprised, nor very sorry, when one dark night, with a head sea, he disappeared entirely and was seen no more.
About as elastic as a head sea off the Fastnet, ain't it?
When you're running into a head sea, it's best to let the bow come down and give the entry of the V a chance to slice into each wave.
In the revamped Brasserie, the gilt head sea bream, slow Brasserie, the m, slow roasted rump of High Faceby lamb and coconut panna cotta igh nd a were all exquisite.
Mains featured poached hake, gilt head sea bream and local lamb from Cinderford with sweetbreads.
Favourite look-outs are Cemaes Head, Ceibwr Bay, Dinas Head, anywhere with a good view above Fishguard, and the Strumble Head Sea Trust lookout.
Plunging into a head sea, the noise and motion in the fo'c'sle had to be experienced to be believed as the bows bit into a wave then came crashing down with an impact that hurled everyone and everything not secured into the forward bulk head.
Soon the Prince of Scandinavia reached the North Sea, picked up speed, and took on a gentle movement in a slight head sea.
Indeed, in a head sea of any magnitude, solid water often swept over the pilothouse.