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Noun1.headache powder - a powdered form of aspirinheadache powder - a powdered form of aspirin    
acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, Bayer, Empirin, St. Joseph - the acetylated derivative of salicylic acid; used as an analgesic anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Bayer, Empirin, and St. Joseph) usually taken in tablet form; used as an antipyretic; slows clotting of the blood by poisoning platelets
powder - any of various cosmetic or medical preparations dispensed in the form of a pulverized powder
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fan contest, Goody's introduced the new Mixed Fruit Blast Headache Powder and Back & Body Relief Single Dose at the Goody's Fast Relief Zone(TM) at the Martinsville Speedway.
But a lasting demand for headache powder Askit has seen it sell for more than 100 times that on eBay.
One of the keys to having a good finish in today's Goody's Headache Powder 200 will be how well the tires hold up, Hornaday said.
Coal tar dye colours headache powder Resolve, Beechams All-in-One has three sweeteners, and Sainsbury's vitamin and mineral pills break the lead limit for food.
With a victory Saturday night in the Goody's Headache Powder 500 in Bristol, Tenn.
If there was any concern for the well-being of the driver, even for an instant, it never registered on the faces in the grandstand as Jeff Gordon's rainbow-painted Chevrolet Monte Carlo slammed into a backstretch retaining wall at the Goody's Headache Powder 500 here in August.
Speedway, the 25-year-old wunderkind came up with his second straight victory and fourth in eight starts this season as he simply steamrollered the rest of the 42-car field in the Goody's Headache Powder 500.
For more information about Goody's[R] Headache Powder, visit www.
Goody's Headache Powder has been providing fast relief since1932 when it was formulated by Winston-Salem, NC pharmacist Martin "Goody" Goodman.
It is an honor for our organization to be a part of this campaign in partnership with Goody's Headache Powder and one of our biggest supporters, my grandfather, Richard Petty," said Austin Petty, Executive Vice President, Victory Junction.
He is the official face and voice of BC Headache Powder, which is sponsoring his 2010 concert tour dates.