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1. A pain in the head.
2. Informal Something, such as a problem, that causes annoyance or trouble.

head′ach′y (-ā′kē) adj.


(ˈhɛdˌeɪkɪ) or


suffering from, caused by, or likely to cause a headache


(ˈhɛdˌeɪ ki)

1. having a headache.
2. accompanied by or causing headaches: a headachy cold.
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In the morning, sick and headachey from the gin, he crawled out to find the sun still in the sky and God presumable in heaven, for his hosts were alive and uninjured.
The year I stuck to the 500 calories a day, I lost three stone in three months, became headachey and lethargic, stopped, and put four stone back on.
Carles: It seems like the next wave might be popcorn ceilings, Ashley Furniture comfy cheap couches, and the sound of a humming fridge mic'd into speakers in a room with headachey public school fluorescent lights.
TEMPTING as it is, keep off the vino until you arrive at your destination - it will dehydrate you in the heat of the day and leave you feeling headachey and tired.
They describe hunger as stomach rumbling, sometimes headachey, or a lethargic mood.
so There's nothing inspiring about it - who wants to face a list of resolutions when they can't see straight from the night before and everything's clouded with a headachey haze?
Surprisingly, I never felt hungry once and despite being a little headachey and tired (a natural reaction to detoxing apparently) I flew home feeling full of beans and not so full of rubbish.
I'm still a bit headachey but you have got to ride through it.
Perhaps Ina was headachey and Edith fractious so he dropped them off at the deanery with the promise that he would return Alice in a half an hour, well before the return of all the others?