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n. Slang
A fan of heavy metal music: "an arena full of headbangers holding their lighters aloft" (Christopher John Farley).


(ˈmɛt lˌhɛd)
Slang. a fan of heavy metal music.
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Let's not have this fake argument about a treaty that frankly is now so detailed and technical that no-one in the UK apart from a few headbangers actually understands.
HeadBangers is pricey, but it is difficult to imagine how the content could be improved in any way.
In a jibe at the Tory right, he said: "We have seen off the headbangers who want a hire-and-fire culture and seem to find sacking people an aphrodisiac.
It's enough that they have to struggle to knock a bit of sense into the thick skulls of the nation's Asbo teens these days without a bunch of guitar-toting headbangers sticking their grammatically incorrect oar in.
He said: "The airlines are run by a bunch of puddings who are terrified of taking on the environmental headbangers.
HEADBANGERS BALL Put your noggins together because two heads are better than one.
Certainly the headbangers should give the region a miss this weekend, as the North Wales Motorcycle Alliance will be out on force.
Other peer crowds, like headbangers, probably would be less amenable to such an approach, but we need to understand them better because of their potential capacity to undermine the effectiveness of prevention strategies.
SAM Dunn is a 30-year-old Canadian anthropologist and lifelong heavy-metal fan, who turns his academic eye to his fellow headbangers in this documentary.
Lostprophets @ Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (Saturday) * IT'S enough that the standard of education in our schools is suffering so much, without the likes of this bunch of guitar-toting headbangers sticking their grammatically incorrect oar in.
Pool players, beer drinkers and headbangers were all in attendance.