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adj. head·i·er, head·i·est
a. Intoxicating or stupefying: heady liqueur.
b. Tending to upset the mind or the balance of senses: standing on a heady outcrop of rock.
c. Serving to exhilarate: the heady news of triumph.
a. Impetuous and rash: a heady outburst of anger.
b. Domineering; overbearing: too heady to reason with.
3. Swift and violent; headlong: a heady current.
4. Showing intelligence and good judgment; prudent: heady tactics.
5. Suffering from a headache: a heady, throbbing feeling.

head′i·ly adv.
head′i·ness n.
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For grown-ups who prefer headily spiced baby food, there is always Baba.
Even more headily aromatic than La Canopee, but without its creamy intensity, it's just as mouth-watering.
White asparagus becomes a velvety soup at three Michelin-starred restaurant Pierre Gagnaire; roasted artichoke and pink garlic crisps are headily beautiful at Le Bristol's Epicure restaurant; and at Le Chiberta, run by chef Guy Savoy, poached swirls of rhubarb top delicate raspberry jellies.
Deletre, with just a few props for his set, moved his performers (clad in Patricia Forelle's handsome period costumes) with clarity and purpose; and the singers--all born Francophones, if none a native Frenchperson--served up both the song (in that headily Gallic way) and the ample spoken dialogue with ease, eloquence and point.
Opened in 1898, its symbolic decoration headily fuses the Arts and Crafts movement with the Celtic revival.
But in tarrying in the real and imagined woodlands of Renaissance drama, setting deep roots in the archive and practicing a form of old-growth "slow" scholarship (see O'Dair) attentive to the social, material, and ecological contexts of four plays, this book also oxygenates a critical air headily perfumed with the currents of elemental ecology and object-oriented ontology.
The Royal Court must have been the most headily fragrant theatre in the city.
But, the excitement is even more headily urgent inside Riley's head, where Joy (Amy Pohler) holds sway, until she and Sadness (Phyllis Smith) are accidentally ejected out of their headquarters, a closely guarded control room where Joy keeps Riley's other emotions in check.
The expanded-cinema practices of the 1960s and '70s--which gave rise to a headily diverse body of work ranging from Stan VanDerBeek's Movie-Drome, 1963-65, to Hollis Frampton's A Lecture, 1968, from Ken Jacobs's Nervous System performances (1975-) to Tony Conrad's "Yellow Movies," 1972-73-have been the subject of significant curatorial and scholarly attention in recent years, much of which has interrogated how these works negotiate the antipodes of intermedial expansion and reductionist specificity.
This is a man for whom expressions of popular support and public adulation are headily empowering.
And so this new film is not just silly escapism, headily laced with a splash of 007's Martini, but it's also a low-risk insight into a maddeningly complex world where 'You have no idea who you're playing with.