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A performer or a group of performers who receives prominent billing, usually appearing as the final act in a performance.


(Theatre) a performer given prominent billing; star


(ˈhɛdˌlaɪ nər)

a performer whose name appears most prominently in a program or on a marquee; star.
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Noun1.headliner - a performer who receives prominent billing
performer, performing artist - an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience


[ˈhɛdlaɪnər] nvedette f
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Charli, 22, tells 3am: "Florence was not picked because she was 'available' but because she's a worthy headliner and extremely talented.
Our commitment in China underscores the fact that we are a leading reliable partner for our customers worldwide and at the same time reaffirms our headliner expertise,"Bruce Olson, president and CEO of Freudenberg Performance Materials, comments.
Don Zirkelbach, president of Ameritex Fabric Systems, utilizing its patented SureSeal technology, Ameritex engineered a roof with a top fabric section and inner headliner that could be altered in minutes without any fasteners.
Following a sunny start of Saturday, which saw homegrown treasures like The Lake Poets, Hyde and Beast and Gallery Circus share stages with Ocean Colour Scene, Big Beats Bronson and headliner Dizzee Rascal, day two was an all together wetter affair - not that it dampened the spirits of the appreciative crowd.
2 to 4 at KE-cE-kEciftlik Park's open-air concert venue in Maslak, the festival will host HIM, featuring singer Ville Valo, guitarist Mikko LindstrE[micro]m, bassist Mikko Pnanen, drummer Mika Karppinen and keyboardist Janne Puurtinen, as the headliner on the first day.
Organisers confirmed the band would fill the vacant slot on the Somerset venue's iconic Pyramid Stage, sandwiched as the headliner act over the three nights between Arcade Fire and Kasabian, whose attendance had already been announced.
Johnson Controls develops and supplies LED headliner, rear seat structure recliner and headrests for the Opel ADAM
Rhod Gilbert's TV sidekick, Lloyd Langford, and Comedy Store headliner Jeff Innocent will lead the way at the first gig of 2013 on Saturday, February 2.
It promises a third headliner in addition to Kanye and KOL, so fans should expect even more artists to be added in the near future.
The 1980s band, famous for Blue Monday, will play the Saturday night headliner slot at the event run by Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank on the Isle of Wight in September.
The Stand, Glasgow MC Sandy Nelson, Ro Campbell, Susan Calman and a very special guest headliner.
Last year, for example, saw metal gods Metallica given a place in the headliner trinity, and previous years have also witnessed Iron Maiden and Linkin Park play last on one of the days.