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Noun1.headmastership - the position of headmaster
headship - the position of headmaster or headmistress
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In September 1862, Haileybury opened its gates once again, this time as a public school, under the headmastership of the Reverend A G Butler.
They would take up a topic like, maybe, guidance practices, or the principalship, or the headmastership.
Following the enormous success of Tom Brown's School Days (1857), by Thomas Hughes--a romanticized depiction of one boy's adventures at Rugby during the headmastership of Dr.
He had taken the headmastership of the privately funded Elgin Educational Institute, Ltd.
Dr Fraser left the headmastership of Maitland High School in 1864 and opened his own high school in the specially-built 'Sauchie Castle' or Sauchie House in Church Street, West Maitland.
The reunion was a chance to reminisce about their school days, when Cardiff High was under the headmastership of George Diamond.
Back in England, he was a star pupil at Rugby during the headmastership of Dr.
Martin Irving, professor of classics from 1855 to 1871, had resigned from the university to take up the headmastership of Wesley College.