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Health Service

n the Health Service (Brit) → il Servizio Sanitario Nazionale


(helθ) noun
1. the state of being well or ill. He is in good/poor health.
2. the state of being well. I may be getting old, but so long as I keep my health, I'll be happy.
ˈhealthy adjective
1. (generally) having good health. I'm rarely ill – I'm really a very healthy person; My bank balance is healthier now than it used to be.
2. causing or helping to produce good health. a healthy climate.
3. resulting from good health. a healthy appetite.
4. showing a sensible concern for one's own well-being etc. He shows a healthy respect for the law.
ˈhealthiness noun
ˈhealth maintenance organization noun
(abbreviation HMO) (American) a system of health centers providing medical treatment, preventive care and hospitalization to its paying members.
health service
(the organization which runs) all the medical services of a country which are available to the public.
drink (to) someone's health
to drink a toast to someone, wishing him good health.
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Health Minister Kim Hames said the East Metropolitan Health Service was being established in response to burgeoning population and demand for health services in high-growth areas such as Ellenbrook, Forrestfield and Canning Vale.
IN the Welsh Conservative Conference in Llangollen the Prime Minister chose to denigrate the health service in Wales - on the very day an independent report came out that said there was very little difference between the health service in Wales and other health services in the UK.
Public Health Service in 1966, its history is much shorter than that of many other disciplines.
Two of the awards for nurse leaders were funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Nursing Secretariat, the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF); the Canadian College of Health Service Executives (CCHSE); the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA); and, a consortium of Quebec partners represented by the Agence d'evaluation des technologies et des modes d'intervention en sante (AETMIS).
Triggered by the risk-reduction initiative of the 1990s, camps are reshaping their health service paradigm and, as a result, embracing a more holistic approach to wellness.
Public Health Service Act contains confidentiality regulations designed to reduce barriers to Title X family planning services for youth who cannot discuss their sexual and reproductive health needs with their parents, and these regulations supersede state law.
Latino mental health service needs: Implications for training psychologists.
A model mental health service system is described with particular emphasis on the involvement of mental health consumers in designing and implementing the services.
According to the Occupational Outlook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the health service industry is projected to grow from 1988 levels of 8,212,800 employed to 11,289,550 by the year 2000.
USPRA continually seeks to improve the quality of psychiatric rehabilitation services and resources, to strengthen the role of community-oriented psychosocial rehabilitation within the mental health service delivery systems, and to facilitate the coordination and continuity of programs.
Before looking at the changes of the past 30 or so years, a word about the development of professional training of health service executives in Australia - a development in which both medical and nonmedical administrators trod the same pathway.
Mental health service use by the elderly in nursing homes.

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