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Noun1.hearing examiner - an official appointed by a government agency to conduct an investigation or administrative hearing so that the agency can exercise its statutory powers
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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The Hearing Examiner conducts quasi-judicial hearings on land use matters on behalf of the City Council, and makes decisions or recommendations supported by findings and conclusions.
A final land-use decision on the subdivision and SEPA determination was made by the city hearing examiner on June 13, 2014, continuing to uphold the original conditions.
Dawn Sturwold, the city's hearing examiner, approved a land-use application for the project in a 66-page decision issued on Wednesday, Oct.
Rather than rely on the Long Beach police investigation, the hearing examiner wanted the primary victim -- now 18 -- to testify in person about the incident.
That decision was upheld by the hearing examiner, who noted Johnson's total monthly income was $4,863.
When the hearings concluded, hearing examiner Edmund Sweeney ruled that there was no scientific basis for banning DDT.
Terry Spear, hearing examiner, said in an opinion released last week, that Measure failed to prove former president David Beyer eliminated her job because of her complaints.
Hearing Examiner David Kirshblum may have Combs arrested if he fails to show up in future.
Raoul Felder, the lawyer for the child's mother, Luciana Morad, aged 30, hinted at the size of the settlement when he asked family court hearing examiner David Kirshblum to close the proceeding to reporters.
At the end of public hearings on the plan before the state's Public Utilities Commission, the hearing examiner recommended against the company's storage proposal.
He also worked for the Maryland Public Service Commission for 25 years, including nine years as the Commission's chief hearing examiner and three years as its executive secretary.
The NMPRC hearings before the Hearing Examiner were held Oct.