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Noun1.heart valve - a valve to control one-way flow of bloodheart valve - a valve to control one-way flow of blood
ticker, heart, pump - the hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; its rhythmic contractions move the blood through the body; "he stood still, his heart thumping wildly"
leaflet, cusp - a thin triangular flap of a heart valve
atrioventricular valve - either of two heart valves through which blood flows from the atria to the ventricles; prevents return of blood to the atrium
semilunar valve - a heart valve with cusps shaped like half-moons; prevents blood from flowing back into the heart
valve - a structure in a hollow organ (like the heart) with a flap to insure one-way flow of fluid through it
2.heart valve - an implant that replaces a natural cardiac valve
implant - a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue
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Leading physicians and patients have today joined together to launch the first ever group - Heart Valve Voice - to tackle heart valve disease in the UK after new survey results highlighted a worrying lack of concern about the disease amongst the over 60s; the demographic most likely to suffer from the condition.
Colibri Heart Valve has developed the world's first and only dry, pre-mounted and pre-packaged low profile, 14 French, transcatheter aortic heart valve that advances current TAVI technologies by incorporating advantages not available in any other device, either currently available or in known development.
Breuer says that he and his colleagues are "evaluating the biomechanical properties of these structures and comparing them to native heart valve tissue.
The CryoValve-SG process depopulates the native cells of the donor heart valve leaving a collagen matrix with the same functionality as Cryolife's other cryopreserved heart valves.
6 Transcatheter Heart Valve Market, Canada, Revenue and Volume, 2007 - 2020
The researchers say the results hold promise as an alternative treatment to the use of mechanical and animal heart valves that are currently used in more than 220,000 heart valve replacement surgeries each year.
CryoLife says its Synergraft technology incorporates the use of a porcine heart valve which is depopulated of its cells and expected to repopulate following implantation with the cells of the heart valve recipient, producing a bio-engineered human heart valve similar to the patient's own heart valve.
To order this report: Global Heart Valve Repair and Replacement Market 2014-2018 http://www.
com/research/n6479b/us_market_for) has announced the addition of the "US Market for Heart Valve Devices - 2016 (Forecasted to 2022)" report to their offering.
com)-- According to a new market report published by Persistence Market Research “Global Market Study on Heart Valve Repair and Replacement: Asia Pacific to Witness Highest Growth by 2020,” the global heart valve repair and replacement market was valued at USD 2,945.
Huddersfield patients are also having far fewer heart valve operations by open heart surgery than in other parts of England.