a.1.Having the shape of a heart; cordate; - of a leaf shape.
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The proposal: December 7, 2013 in York, underneath the heartshaped window at York Minster.
4-6 tbsps Nutella spread 50g dried banana chips (you can use sliced fresh banana if you wish) You will need a greased, lined heartshaped tin, 23cm at its widest part.
The Bad Romance singer also showed off her sparkling, heartshaped engagement ring.
The probe's first pictures revealed the dwarf planet's surprising Mars-like reddish hue and the enigmatic heartshaped feature on its surface has already become Pluto's calling card on the internet.
In six warm shades, Love Flush, PS25, is Too Faced's most powerful blush yet, giving dense colour and up to 16 hours of glow from each adorable heartshaped pressed PERPETUAL POUTS Just because a lipstick is more expensive, doesn't automatically mean it's going to be longer-lasting.
90, MAISON DU MONDE a croWD With a heartshapeD hanD shaDoW PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT, FROM PS47.
With a rich, deep but not at all bitter taste, the coffee was as good as any I've had all year and came with an artisan, heartshaped motif.
Beauty queens will love these heartshaped tweezers by Shavata, PS20.
PS30 per person) Guided by the Centre's hot glass experts, visitors can experience the heat of the 1,000 degree furnace while creating their own heartshaped trinket dish.
For the feet, cut out a heartshaped piece of orange card and glue the pine cone to the heart with the rounded end facing forward.
Blinking heartshaped brooches made of LED lights were presented to all viewers, and in the darkness of the show, the flickering hearts lent an exciting aura to the show, making audience members inadvertent participants.
SHE'S groomed to the max with painted nails, a pink ponytail and sparkly heartshaped jewels.