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Profoundly disappointed; despondent.

heart′sick′ness n.


deeply dejected or despondent
ˈheartˌsickness n



extremely depressed or unhappy; despondent.
heart′sick`ness, n.
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Adj.1.heartsick - full of sorrow
sorrowful - experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss; "sorrowful widows"; "a sorrowful tale of death and despair"; "sorrowful news"; "even in laughter the heart is sorrowful"- Proverbs 14:13
2.heartsick - without or almost without hope; "despondent about his failure"; "too heartsick to fight back"
hopeless - without hope because there seems to be no possibility of comfort or success; "in an agony of hopeless grief"; "with a hopeless sigh he sat down"


adjective despondent, dejected, dispirited, downcast, heavy-hearted, sick at heart, heartsore He groaned - a long, low, heartsick sound.
References in classic literature ?
To make matters worse a drizzling rain came up, and soaked them to the skin; yet all the morning they stood there, creeping slowly toward the goal--all the afternoon they stood there, heartsick, seeing that the hour of closing was coming, and that they were going to be left out.
So, whenever I am feeling heartsick and oppressed and jaded and sad those memories return to freshen and revive me, even as drops of evening dew return to freshen and revive, after a sultry day, the poor faded flower which has long been drooping in the noontide heat.
On the trail that thou must tread To the thresholds of our dread, Where the Flower blossoms red; Through the nights when thou shalt lie Prisoned from our Mother-sky, Hearing us, thy loves, go by; In the dawns when thou shalt wake To the toil thou canst not break, Heartsick for the Jungle's sake: Wood and Water, Wind and Tree, Wisdom, Strength, and Courtesy, Jungle-Favour go with thee!
We went up and down the Line Islands, first, until Dad was heartsick.
Weary and heartsick, Agnes lay down on the sofa, to rest and compose herself.
Do I never read how they grow heartsick of it and give it up, after having let themsleves drop so low, and how they after all die out for want of help?
Perhaps the most important insight into her character comes near the letter's end when she refers to the blessed Christmas star that has always had its message for the heartsick and oppressed peoples of all generations: "I know that my Redeemer liveth--.
President of the University of Wyoming Philip Dubois summed up the nation's grief when he said: "We are saddened, heartsick by the thought of a terribly battered young man with his future erased.
Williams said she is heartsick over the "crude demagoguery" that increasingly surrounds her.
No wonder these things cause heart attacks -- they make us literally and figuratively heartsick.
We were heartsick when we read about the thousands of pigs who died in the floods, as well as those who were shot after they swam for their lives to reach levees.
3 front-page article headlined "Gun control groups turn attention to states," it makes me heartsick to see the lack of solid gun control legislation since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter of innocent children.