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The older, nonliving central wood of a tree or shrub, usually darker and harder than the younger sapwood. Also called duramen.


(Botany) the central core of dark hard wood in tree trunks, consisting of non-functioning xylem tissue that has become blocked with resins, tannins, and oils. Compare sapwood



the dense, dark, nonfunctioning older wood at the core of a tree trunk; duramen.
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Noun1.heartwood - the older inactive central wood of a tree or woody plant; usually darker and denser than the surrounding sapwood
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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Sleep in safety, eat in earnest, and be happy at Heartwood.
Diffusive drying from both sapwood and heartwood was observed at the log ends.
To evaluate the effects of polar and apolar extractives on the thermal behavior of wood, sawdust samples from the heartwood of L.
UK-based Heartwood Investment Management has said that it has hired an investment director from Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C).
The wood anatomical characteristics influence adhesion, taking as an example the difference in porosity observed in early wood and late wood, heartwood and sapwood, and juvenile and adult wood (Albuquerque & Latorraca, 2005).
The transformation of sapwood into heartwood is characterized by the death of parenchyma cells (Hillis, 1987), development of tyloses in the vessels of many species (Bamber, 1976) and the biosynthesis of nonstructural compounds, leading to an important accumulation of extractives and to the differences in physical and chemical properties between sapwood and heartwood (Sellin, 1994).
Heartwood, a US-based company that develops 3D interactive training technologies is currently making some waves in the market - recently being contracted by Komatsu America, in addition to existing deals with prominent equipment producers like the Oshkosh Corporation.
Stephanie Happer, marketing manager for Northwest Hardwoods, noted a feature of Pacific coast maple is its even tone: There is very little difference between the heartwood and sapwood.
24 May 2013 - Swedish bank Svenska Handelsbanken AB (STO:SHB-A) on Friday said it had closed the takeover of UK wealth and investment manager Heartwood, after it had secured clearance from the UKa[euro](tm)s financial supervisory authority Financial Conduct Authority.
The deal, which includes Heartwood's fully-owned unit Heartwood Wealth Management Ltd, was agreed on 6 February when Handelsbanken said it allows it to boost offering to existing and new clients.
for the solid heartwood, home of growth's thick silence, far from
thicket, its winter leaves woven in the heartwood, the gutter, the nest.