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1. A parasitic filarial worm (Dirofilaria immitis) that is transmitted by mosquitoes and infects the pulmonary arteries and often the right side of the heart of dogs and other canids and sometimes other mammals, including cats.
2. The condition resulting from infection with heartworms, characterized by respiratory symptoms and fatigue.


(Animals) a parasitic nematode worm, Dirofilaria immitis, that lives in the heart and bloodstream of vertebrates



1. a parasitic nematode, Dirofilaria immitis, transmitted by mosquitoes and invading the heart and pulmonary arteries of dogs and other canids.
2. the disease caused by infection with heartworm.
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Obtained this summer from a shelter, Butch had heartworm disease and whipworms, an intestinal parasite.
experiences heartworm transmission through mosquitoes, and pets can be exposed to roundworms and hookworms throughout the year.
Next time you get heartworm medicine for your dog check out the dose listed on the box and see if you can save some money.
We also have obtained opinions from outside patent counsel that our heartworm diagnostic products do not infringe the patent and that the remaining patent claim is invalid.
Keep vaccinations and heartworm prevention current.
Merial's new HEARTGARD iPhone([R]) app makes remembering heartworm prevention a snap for pet owners by helping them manage dosage schedules.
Important Safety Information Treatment with fewer than 6 monthly doses after the last exposure to mosquitoes may not provide complete heartworm prevention.
Internal parasite protection should be taken care of by the monthly heartworm preventatives like Heartgard.
She will be socialized, treated for heartworm, taught how to live inside a house and, most importantly, loved.
Like other Katrina rescues, more than half of the dogs and cats were believed to have contracted heartworm and other parasites.
Testing was conducted by using the IDEXX 3Dx kit, used widely by Maine veterinarians to screen clinically normal dogs during heartworm season.
When consumers think of flea and tick control and heartworm prevention, we want them to think about FRONTLINE and HEARTGARD Plus.