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Adj.1.heavyhearted - depressed
sad - experiencing or showing sorrow or unhappiness; "feeling sad because his dog had died"; "Better by far that you should forget and smile / Than that you should remember and be sad"- Christina Rossetti
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Every time they took place, I felt heavyhearted as if the President and the Government were responsible for them.
I was tired of 12-hour shifts spent sliding through the kitchen on a runner of grease or consoling mothers--not kids--who were heavyhearted over which Happy Meal toy we had in stock.
Heavyhearted and fearful, he clambered wearily into bed.
Despite the, at times, heavyhearted and somber character of the memoir, the suffering on the Haitian side of the border is rendered palpable and tractable by the talented Alvarez.
In a statement read outside court, Nicola's brother Nigel said: "Our family are devastated and heavyhearted with today's verdict.
It said: "The club is very heavyhearted this evening as we have learned of the untimely death of Oisin.