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 (hĕk′ə-və) Slang
Used as an intensive: You've done a heckuva good job.
Excellent; exceptional: a heckuva singer.

[Alteration of heck of a.]
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If the series is anything like our last game, then it's going to be a heckuva series," said Ginebra coach Tim Cone, whose team claimed a quarterfinals berth and a date with Rain or Shine after that marathon contest.
They have had a heckuva run but our kids have done a great job of taking care of the task at hand.
Caption: Browning had a heckuva time dragging American gunmakers into the 20th century.
Stack that on top of today's news, and you've got yourself one heckuva reason to party.
I saw dogs and handlers--including quite a few families--of all ages and descriptions, and it was one heckuva good time.
The GOP national committeeman deserves a heckuva lot of credit (or blame, depending on where you're coming from) for once again making sure NH's prez primary is first in the nation.
Set aside, for a second, the most obvious and possibly even correct answer - that journalists are fight promoters and an Abbott-Patrick showdown would be a heckuva fight.
Denzel Washington listens to Travolta swear - a heckuva lot - in disengaged update of a terse 1974 thriller.
In those 37 years, she goes through a heckuva lot,'' says Ellis with a laugh of wry understatement.
Deriving its name from the Dave Van Ronk song, "Last Call," this Scudder mystery is a fabulous title for a book and a heckuva of a good mystery to boot.
The Celtics got one heckuva basketball coach," he said through the Pacers.
Even if the rest of the football-loving country would hardly care, it would make a heckuva story in Arkansas football annals if somehow this crazy story that started April 1--of all foolish days--culminated in the lovable John L.