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Adv.1.hectically - in a frenzied manner; "we rehearsed frenziedly the last few days before the premiere"
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She was even handsomer than ever; but her blue eyes were too bright and lustrous, and the color of her cheeks was hectically brilliant; besides, she was very thin; the hands that held her hymn-book were almost transparent in their delicacy.
The party leaders were hectically making efforts to win over the support of other smaller parties and independents (of Balochistan and Fata with a combined strength of 15) to reach the 53 votes mark, which is required to clinch the top slots in 104-member Senate.
Yesterday, TELO moved hectically to ditch the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) and go on a separate way.
The journalists have very hectically involved and could not fine time for healthy activities.
The late afternoon continued just as hectically, with a buyers' reception, and a massive, but brief, Wi-Fi service interruption at the Intercontinental Hotel, the market venue, which aggravated the frenzied participants.
Hectically we strapped our respective birds, loaded guns, and picked off incoming teal.
Finding time to spend with children away from the hectically busy work schedule, away from distractions of television and internet makes parenthood fruitful.
A great enthusiasm was witnessed among the people including children who were found hectically busy in purchasing the national flags of Pakistan from bazaars for hoisting atop their houses and vehicles on the national day.
That gives another unified form to the online legal order that has been creating spontaneously and hectically from the time the internet spread as a tool.
The audience is taken on a faraway journey to the small Egyptian village of Belqas where a family of caterers are dealing with sibling rivalry, romantic entanglements and culinary ambitions whilst hectically preparing for a wedding feast.
Trying to preserve the power balance, the regime hectically began to build "lines of defense" within the country, embracing various methods, the most important of which were anti-immigrant laws, Internet censorship, serious limitations of freedom of speech, imprisonment of civil activists, and the law about "foreign agents.
If the opening was paced a little hectically, the players coped well.