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n. Abbr. hl
A metric unit of volume equal to 100 liters.


or hek•to•liter

(ˈhɛk təˌli tər)

a unit of capacity equal to 100 liters (2.8378 U.S. bushels or 26.418 U.S. gallons). Abbr.: hl
[1800–10; < French hectolitre]
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Noun1.hectoliter - a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 100 liters
metric capacity unit - a capacity unit defined in metric terms
dal, decaliter, decalitre, dekaliter, dekalitre, dkl - a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 10 liters
cubic meter, cubic metre, kiloliter, kilolitre - a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters
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The fermentation and storage room consists of two 10 hectoliter cylindro-conical wheat beer tanks, one 20 hectoliter fermentation vessel, two 20 hectoliter flat conical storage tanks and three 20 hectoliter cylindro-conical universal tanks.
In a separate action, activists used sledgehammers to smash the valves off 13 tanks at a distillery near Montpellier, leaving more than 10,000 hectolitres of Chilean wine gushing down the streets (1 hectoliter =26.
This becomes the company's second-largest brewery after its 20 million hectoliter Zacatecas plant.
SMB needs a 10-hectare land for a brewery with a 2-million hectoliter yearly capacity, he said.
and would plan to increase brewing capacity at the 10-million hectoliter plant so it could provide all Modelo-branded volume for the U.
AB InBev reduced its energy use per hectoliter of production by 3.
Early projections predict a generous harvest, with around 7 million hectoliters in volume (1 hectoliter = 26.
The current estimate stands at 9 million hectoliters (1 hectoliter = 26.
50 hectoliters of water for each hectoliter of production by the end of 2012.
InBev will be paying over $100 per hectoliter about double what A-B paid last year for Harbin Brewery after its bidding battle with SABMiller.
Tuxtepac, which will be expanded by the end of 2006 to reach total capacity of 60 million hectoliters, will become the company's second largest brewery after its 20 million hectoliter Zacatecas plant.