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1. One of a set of parallel cords or wires in a loom, used to separate and guide the warp threads and make a path for the shuttle.
2. A frame fitted with rigid wooden or plastic strips and used for the same purpose, especially in smaller looms.

[Probably alteration of Middle English helde, from Old English hefeld; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]


(Textiles) one of a set of frames of vertical wires on a loom, each wire having an eye through which a warp thread can be passed
[Old English hefeld chain; related to Old Norse hafald, Middle Low German hevelte]


(ˈhɛd l)

(in a loom) one of the sets of vertical cords or wires forming the principal part of a harness, through which the warp threads are drawn.
[1505–15; perhaps representing Old English *hefedl, a metathetic variant of hefeld (Middle English helde), c. Old Saxon hevild; akin to Old Norse hafald]
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COOS BAY - Heddles and Treadles, a weaving, spinning and needlecrafts guild, will demonstrate its arts in the Myrtlewood Room at the Coos Bay Public Library from noon to 4 p.
They also have an intact walking wheel, used for wool spinning; a very large warping board; bobbin winder; wool carders; flax hackles; and jig for making string heddles.
Heddles, connected to treadles or to an overhead bar, enabled the weavers to change the positions of alternate warps with a shift of their limbs.
are Will Heddles, David Lippert, Suzanne McLaughlin and John Paxton; MHEFI's officers for 2006 include George Prest, Gary Forger, Victoria Wheeler, Michael J.
Alicia Heddles, vocera del Children's Texas Hospital,indico que no se podia dar informacion sobre el estado de salud de la menor hasta que pasaran un par de dias, ya que toma tiempo saber si el cuerpo acepta o rechaza al nuevo organo.
It features a hand held lever which eliminates the use of treadle in interchanging heddles to lock wefts.