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1. A row of closely planted shrubs or low-growing trees forming a fence or boundary.
2. A line of people or objects forming a barrier: a hedge of spectators along the sidewalk.
a. A means of protection or defense, especially against financial loss: a hedge against inflation.
b. A securities transaction that reduces the risk on an existing investment position.
4. An intentionally noncommittal or ambiguous statement.
5. A word or phrase, such as possibly or I think, that mitigates or weakens the certainty of a statement.
v. hedged, hedg·ing, hedg·es
1. To enclose or bound with or as if with hedges.
2. To hem in, hinder, or restrict with or as if with a hedge.
3. To minimize or protect against the loss of by counterbalancing one transaction, such as a bet, against another.
1. To plant or cultivate hedges.
2. To take compensatory measures so as to counterbalance possible loss.
3. To avoid making a clear, direct response or statement.

[Middle English, from Old English hecg.]

hedg′er n.
hedg′y adj.
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Noun1.hedger - a respondent who avoids giving a clear direct answer
answerer, responder, respondent - someone who responds
2.hedger - someone who counterbalances one transaction (as a bet) against another in order to protect against loss
plunger, speculator - someone who risks losses for the possibility of considerable gains
3.hedger - a gardener who takes care of and trims hedges
gardener - someone employed to work in a garden
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He was in the habit of pausing for a cautious, vaguely designing chat with every hedger or ditcher on his way, and was especially willing to listen even to news which he had heard before, feeling himself at an advantage over all narrators in partially disbelieving them.
Masked raiders Jason Baccus and Kevin Downton burst in on high-flying businessman Guy Hedger, 61, and Simon-Pierre Hedger-Cooper, 48, as they slept.
Guy Hedger, 61, was killed after intruders entered his home in Castlewood, Ashley, near Ringwood, Hampshire, at about 3am on April 30, 2017.
Guy Hedger was killed after Jason Baccus and Kevin Downton broke into his home in Castlewood, Ashley, near Ringwood, Hampshire, at about 3am on April 30, 2017.
C'est No Mour has won three of his last four starts, including the Amateurs' Derby over course and distance, and Hedger said: "As long as the ground doesn't get too soft he goes there with every chance.
Insurance executive Guy Hedger, 61, was killed in the early hours of April 30 in a break-in at his [euro]1million home.
Guy Hedger was fatally wounded at his house in the Dorset village of St Ives in the early hours of Sunday morning.
additional poc: edwin hedger, ph: 609-203-2584, email: edwin.
This means that a corporate commodity hedger, for example, could use special hedge accounting for a derivative that mitigates only a portion of the overall risk that the commodity poses to the company.
Top athlete Libby Hedger was one of three students at The King's Academy to celebrate a clean sweep of top grades in today's GCSES.
Hedger, principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs, wrote in a letter to Sens.
Happily, actor Simon Hedger, last seen at the Unity in The Master and Margarita, proves an engaging solo storyteller and he generates the requisite energy on the AstroTurfed sward of stage needed to carry his audience's attention.