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1. Of, relating to, or marked by pleasure.
2. Of or relating to hedonism or hedonists.

[Greek hēdonikos, from hēdonē, pleasure; see swād- in Indo-European roots.]

he·don′i·cal·ly adv.


(hiˈdɒn ɪk)

1. of or characterized by pleasure.
2. pertaining to hedonism or hedonics.
[1650–60; < Greek hēdonikós pleasurable, derivative of hēdon(ḗ) pleasure]
he•don′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.hedonic - devoted to pleasure; "a hedonic thrill"; "lives of unending hedonistic delight"; "epicurean pleasures"
indulgent - characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone ; "indulgent grandparents"


Characterized by or devoted to pleasure and luxury as a lifestyle:
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Among them are the properties and antecedents of hedonic decline, prefrontal cortex and neurological impairments of active thought, how children solve the two challenges of cooperation, developmental origins of chronic physical aggression: a bio-psycho-social model for the next generation of preventive interventions, and why social relationships are important for physical health: a systems approach to understanding and modifying risk and protection.
Using a nine-point hedonic scale, 115 participants evaluated the elderberry beverages for acceptability of appearance, color, flavor, sweetness, sourness, mouthfeel and overall liking.
The findings suggest that greater experiential thinking enhances a consumer's preference towards hedonic products, while greater rational thinking endorses utilitarian products," the study's abstract read.
This research explores the impact of hedonic risk on brand recall of a non-cola soft drink, Mountain Dew, customer attitude towards it and its consumption among the youth in Pakistan.
The hedonic pricing analysis is a valuable instrument for our endeavour as long as it allows to identify the set of observable attributes defining the product and ultimately, setting the price.
It is well known that time of sale, product age, and cohort--three temporal variables--cannot all be included linearly or as dichotomous variables in hedonic regressions because of the identity: Age + Cohort = Sale time.
The current research vividly shows that these identities also have important consequences to peoples hedonic lives, the authors conclude.
Our second aim was to explore whether or not a greater perceived conspicuousness, and higher status, hedonic and self-identity values could be delivered by luxury brands than by nonluxury brands, at the same time assessing whether or not generational differences in this relationship exist.
The paper applies Random Effect Ordered Probit model to investigate the hedonic adaptation effect using various formulations used in the happiness economics literature.
This reduction of pleasure is known as hedonic adaptation.
Hedonic regression analysis decomposes the housing asset into constituent parts with distinct marginal market value contributions.
Tourism consumption is widely discussed with hedonic experience which refers to the positive emotional experience, intrinsic pleasure and enjoyment, as well as the feelings of happiness (Arnould & Price, 1993; Li, Lehto, & Wei, 2014; Pearce, 2009; Ram, Nawijn, & Peeters, 2013).