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Noun1.hee-haw - a loud laugh that sounds like a horse neighing
laugh, laughter - the sound of laughing
Verb1.hee-haw - braying characteristic of donkeys
let loose, let out, utter, emit - express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words); "She let out a big heavy sigh"; "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand"
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They did hee-haw for seven years then they gave this cross-party group just a few months to solve the problem.
DANIEL STURRIDGE made a timely comeback to win Hugh Mackie of Ayr PS375 for absolutely hee-haw.
It has hee-haw to do with your 'matchday experience' - and everything to do with the money that goes into pubs for hours before the game going into club coffers instead.
Oh well, only another five years until we discover how Celtic will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the season when Rangers took the Treble and they won hee-haw.
The 33-year-old Russian, who defends his European super-featherweight belt against Alex Arthur at Meadowbank on Saturday, proved he knows hee-haw about his sport by claiming the only reason he's never fought for a world championship is because he's from Europe
Blending Slayer-like riffs and brass knuckles attitude of New York hardcore with the twang of bluegrass, Uncle Fucker--Zaidman (aka Slick Dick Grizzly), fiddler Katy Cox (aka KT Crusha), banjo player Jack Ward, bassist Snickkas Skwire, and a drummer named Freeball--is like watching the cast of The Young Ones on an episode of Hee-Haw or, conversely, like a square dance for the Tompkins Square Park set.
You can nearly hear the collective hurrahs of the teenagers as they rejoice that nobody will be keeping tabs on them during term should they choose to while away their schooldays doing hee-haw or disrupting classes.
A knee-slapping hee-haw can reduce the level of stress hormones in your system and increase production of mood-elevating endorphins.
On the saddle of land between Slievemore and Dooagh, with a Hee-Haw he stops.
Because of his considerable wit--saying, for instance, that Ronald Reagan's favorite farm program was Hee-Haw, and that George Bush was "born on third base but thinks he hit a triple"--Hightower was urged by friends like Ralph Nader and Texas' rabble-rousing columnist Molly Ivins to go national with radio commentaries and a talk show.
John Henry Faulk was a presence not to be ignored in Texas during the ten years I lived there (1970-1980), sittin's up in Madisonville plotting against the strip miners, flyin' off to Nashville every so often to tape a few months' worth of Hee-Haw, comin' down to Austin and waxing enthusiastic about something or other on the second-story front porch of The Texas Observer and the Texas Civil Liberties Union.
DAN DA IEL STURRIDGE made a timely comeback to win Hugh Mackie of Ayr PS375 for absolutely hee-haw.