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(Plants) an African sorghum with white seeds used as both grain and forage


(hɪˈgær i, -ˈgɛər i)

a grain sorghum having chalky white seeds.
[1915–20; < Sudanese Arabic ḥijērī, variant of Arabic ḥijārī stonelike]
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Noun1.hegari - Sudanese sorghums having white seeds; one variety grown in southwestern United States
grain sorghum - any of several sorghums cultivated primarily for grain
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Sorghum-2011 was found the most susceptible genotype, while the genotype Hegari was found the most resistant one against T.
Sorghum-2011, while these were minimum in Hegari genotype.
Five advanced sorghum genotypes, viz; F-114, Hegari, J.
MY name is Scott HegarI am 16 years old and I wborn and raised in CaeraCardiff.
Hegari was raised to reap the benefits as animal fodder at seed rate of 75 kg ha-1 with recommended dose of N (62.
2012) reported that variety Hegari produced higher HCN content than the other varieties.
The genotype Hegari was the best performer for forage material and next to follow was Noor.
Taking a better variety in respect to dry matter and nutritional contents, the Hegari should be preferred over the tested varieties for forage purpose.
4]) are conditioning this phenotype or if the reponse is caused by uncharacterized loci, EBA-3 was hybridized with A3 male sterile versions of the milo maturity standards (SM100, SM90, SM80, 60M, 90M, 100M, Hegari, Early Hegari) (Quinby, 1974; Miller et al.