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 (hĭ-jĕm′ə-nē, hĕj′ə-mō′nē)
n. pl. he·gem·o·nies
The predominance of one state or social group over others.

[Greek hēgemoniā, from hēgemōn, leader; see hegemon.]

heg′e·mon′ic (hĕj′ə-mŏn′ĭk) adj.
he·gem′o·nism n.
he·gem′o·nist adj. & n.


(hɪˈɡɛməˌnɪst; hɪˈdʒɛməˌnɪst)
a proponent of hegemony
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Last week, while addressing an election rally, the 65- year- old CM called upon Congress workers to break the " hegemonist attitude" of Anitha, who is contesting the Bangalore Rural parliamentary bypolls as a candidate of the JD( S).
10) A similar mindset underlies Anthony Pagden's approach from the perspective of the history of ideas, deducing from the analysis of various historical forms of the Europe idea that the European concept propagated in the various historical periods only served for concealing the European hegemonist aspirations of various states and empires, and nothing changed in case of the EU either, where the Europe ideal is just a camouflage of the German-French desires of hegemony.
At the same time, motherhood as a central principle is constantly being negotiated or mediated to divest it of vestiges of gendered oppression associated with hegemonist patriarchy.
If a national movement is consisted of one single political current or even one single political organization, then it is likely that it will tend to be hegemonist and thereby undemocratic.
AaAa Speaking at a question time of the upper house, Benchemass also condemned the aggressive speech addressed during the visit that evidences the hegemonist leanings of Algeria, and which broods over the same hostile statements showing the interference of Algeria in Morocco's domestic affairs.
to behave like a global hegemonist and doesn't want Japan to abandon its pacifist constitution, then it must share the responsibility for deterring and containing North Korea - or better yet, persuade it to disarm.
Aslan and other Muslim-world intellectuals need to focus their attention on Muslim freedom from foreign hegemony and domestic repression, not just the "free and fair election" of Muslim governments, the slogan of hegemonist neocons.
384-87)--once an hegemonist, it seems, always an hegemonist
Buchanan saw the enlargement of NATO as the ultimate manifestation of America's unwise hegemonist vision.