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also he·ji·ra  (hĭ-jī′rə, hĕj′ər-ə)
1. A flight to escape danger.
2. also Hegira The flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 ad, marking the beginning of the Muslim era.

[Medieval Latin, from Arabic hijra, emigration, flight, from hajara, to depart; see hgr in Semitic roots.]


(ˈhɛdʒɪrə) or


1. (Islam) the departure of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in 622 ad; the starting point of the Muslim era
2. (Islam) the Muslim era itself. See also AH
3. (often not capital) an emigration escape or flight
Also called: Hijrah
[C16: from Medieval Latin, from Arabic hijrah emigration or flight]


(hɪˈdʒaɪ rə, ˈhɛdʒ ər ə)

n., pl. -ras.
1. (sometimes l.c.) Hijra.
2. (l.c.)

Also, hejira.

any flight or journey to a more desirable or congenial place.
[1590–1600; < Medieval Latin < Arabic; see Hijra]


a flight or escape to safety.
See also: Escape
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Noun1.Hegira - the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 which marked the beginning of the Muslim era; the Muslim calendar begins in that year
2.Hegira - a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environmenthegira - a journey by a large group to escape from a hostile environment
escape, flight - the act of escaping physically; "he made his escape from the mental hospital"; "the canary escaped from its cage"; "his flight was an indication of his guilt"


[heˈdʒaɪərə] Nhégira f


nHedschra f
References in classic literature ?
Given at Constantinople, by authority of his highness, in the year 1247 of the Hegira.
But see how closely, so far, each detail tallies with the world-old story of the hegira of the yellow race.
Just as his more fortunate fellow New Yorkers had bought their tickets to Palm Beach and the Riviera each winter, so Soapy had made his humble arrangements for his annual hegira to the Island.
Yet, palpitating and real, shimmering in the sun-flashed dust of ten thousand hoofs, she saw pass, from East to West, across a continent, the great hegira of the land-hungry Anglo-Saxon.
HM King Hassan II passed away on 09 of Rabie II, 1436 of the Hegira year, corresponding to July 23, 1999.
Tlili said an evaluation meeting will be held after the return of all pilgrims to learn lessons from pilgrimage in the 1435 year of Hegira as well as previous experiences to improve the quality of services provided to pilgrims and start from now preparations for the next seasons of Omra and Hajj.
A statement issued by the Endowment's High Commission said that it has been legitimately proven that Thursday is the First Day of the month of Shawal 1434 of the hegira, making it the First Day of Fitr Eid.
The statement called on anyone who spots the moon Saturday evening, which falls on Shaaban 29 of the Hegira calendar, to go to Dar al-Fatwa headquarters and inform the religious scholars who will be meeting under the Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani.