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1. Wicked; abominable: a heinous crime.
2. Informal Very unappealing; ugly: showed up wearing that heinous shirt.

[Middle English, from Old French haineus, from haine, hatred, from hair, to hate, from Frankish *hatjan.]

hei′nous·ly adv.
hei′nous·ness n.
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Adv.1.heinously - in a terribly evil manner; "the child was heinously murdered"


advauf abscheuliche Weise
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There are so many different communities, and so many different ways they practice polygamy, from the heinously abusive to progressive and modern.
Constitution prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment," that concept is, historically speaking, malleable and could possibly be amended to help provide marginal deterrence of crimes that heinously violate human and judicial "civility.
Had he positioned it immediately after "Jesus," the reader would readily understand--with or without punctuation for the first two words in line 7--that it is Jesus, not the speaker, who is "Twice betrayed": first by Judas and then, even more heinously, by the speaker himself:
A scan of urban newspapers reveals that some jewel thieves can be heinously craven in their willingness to kill in order to steal.
There are many cultural and religious norms which are heinously contrary to all elementary norms of HRs requirements that (UN, 1954), there is no justification whatsoever, to continue to sustain them in the name of deference to specific cultures (UN, 1995).
As citizens of one of the most prosperous countries in the world, we demanded that our country never again be attacked so heinously.
THE Rolls-Royce Phantom and Mercedes Maybach are over the top and heinously expensive.
Need I remind blacks in the diaspora that only the privileged--the chiefs and their henchmen--participated in the trade and that contemporary, West African leaders, indifferent to their constituencies, have continued to act heinously into the new millennium?
And I would be failing most heinously in my duties if I omitted the London Welsh Chorale who perform in St Paul Church, Wilton Place, SW7 tonight at 7.
Amongst the burning issues thrust up for discussion were `vegetables tepid when served', `pastry hard on outside, doughy inside' and, most heinously, `chairs damaged, need replacing'.
The price of reforestation is heinously expensive on a per-acre basis," says John Graham, lands steward for The Nature Conservancy's Milford Neck Preserve along Delaware Bay, another Global ReLeaf Forest site.
While her interrogators are obviously willing to use heinously violent means against Askew, I want to suggest that they do so with something akin to reluctance, probably because of fear that such harshness might work (as it indeed does) against the legitimacy of their authority.