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Any of numerous plants in the tropical genus Heliconia, often cultivated for their showy inflorescences with bright red, orange, or yellow bracts.

[New Latin Helicōnia, genus name, coined by Carolus Linnaeus after Greek Helikōn, Helicon, the mountain in Greece where the Muses were said to dwell (in punning reference to the fact that species of the genus Heliconia resemble banana plants, classified in the closely related genus Musa).]


(Plants) any of a genus of tropical flowering plants with long flowering panicles. Also called: lobster-claw
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The nests were built on bougainvillea shrubs, bamboos, palms, heliconias, and an oak tree.
Beautiful trees, flowering shrubs, cycads, tillandsias, tropicals, rare palms and other exotics will be featured along with outstanding orchids, bromeliads, heliconias and gingers.
Near the back entryway, she went for floral fantasy once again with a ceiling-to-floor angel with a hydrangea face and wings of hanging fuzzy heliconias that Carolyn had ordered from Hawaii.
Other plants chosen for the courtyard include crinum lilies, ligularia and heliconias.
This is Hawaii, the state that promotes foreign products like pineapples (native to South America), Macadamia nuts (native to Australia), cut-flowers that are mostly exotic orchids, heliconias, proteas, gingers and anthuriums (native to a slew of places other than Hawaii), papaya (native to the Americas) and even the batch of 'real' Hawaiian foodstuffs that were brought along on the raft along with the human colonizers who weren't really native either.
The homeowners love color, so I chose lots of flowering plants like gingers, costus, heliconias and dwarf variegated primrose; it has small purple and white flowers that bloom throughout the year,' says Borden.
However, like many other pleurodontid species, it seems to thrive in disturbed as well as natural environments, and is known to damage the bracts of some ornamental heliconias and gingers.
Heliconias, anthuriums and a host of other exotics really do seem to transport the Chelsea Flower Show visitor to paradise.
The display of orchids, gesneriads, anthuriums, heliconias, etc, etc were also fabulous.
Cut the heliconias at slightly different lengths and arrange staggered between the aspidistra.
Sue's efforts to plant flowers in front of the Bishop's House meant ever-lengthening daily sessions of watering - but we have been rewarded with canna lilies, coleus, heliconias and even orchids adding colour, and have new pawpaw, avocado and lemon trees coming up while we await the rainy season which normally arrives around Christmas.