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1. Distasteful and repellent: hellacious smog.
2. Slang Extraordinary; remarkable: a hellacious catch of fish.

[hell + -acious (as in audacious).]


1. remarkable; horrifying
2. wonderful; excellent
[C20: from hell + -acious as in audacious]
hellˈaciously adv


(hɛˈleɪ ʃəs)

adj. Slang.
1. remarkable; outstanding.
2. formidable, as in severity or difficulty: a hellacious thunderstorm.
[1925–30, Amer.; hell + -acious (extracted from audacious, etc.)]


[heˈleɪʃəs] ADJ (US) → infernal


adj (US inf)
(= terrible) fighting, car crashhöllisch (inf)
(= wild) partywild
(= excellent) vacationfantastisch, phantastisch
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Aleister Black also topped Adam Cole in a hellacious Extreme Rules match after catching the leader of the Undisputed Era with the Black Mass.
She is an awesome teacher but she is a hellacious person for what she did," the mother said.
The idea of communicating a person's skills--a lot of time when you are looking for a good designer to hire, it is hellacious to pick someone out of the group who has the skill and knowledge you are looking for.
In other words, it's a hellacious mess of thorns and is my best spot for a flush every single day.
I've been on some hellacious deer drags in my life, but I'm not sure any rivaled dragging that buck straight uphill in 70-degree heat.
Spent a hellacious month with my oldest son in Sloan-Kettering.
But Pure Hell was the highest and most hellacious, and Cordell had never worked himself up to jump off of it, as he had the other two.
Combined with the blanketing humidity, I have a hellacious experience searching for Torreya in the Garden of Eden.
It's basically a hellacious amount of geometry," he says.
He attributes his business longevity to "genetics, street smarts and a hellacious work ethic that I got from my mom and my grandparents.
As a bankruptcy lawyer with McKoos Smith told Reuters, "It's a hellacious problem.