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1. Distasteful and repellent: hellacious smog.
2. Slang Extraordinary; remarkable: a hellacious catch of fish.

[hell + -acious (as in audacious).]


1. remarkable; horrifying
2. wonderful; excellent
[C20: from hell + -acious as in audacious]
hellˈaciously adv


(hɛˈleɪ ʃəs)

adj. Slang.
1. remarkable; outstanding.
2. formidable, as in severity or difficulty: a hellacious thunderstorm.
[1925–30, Amer.; hell + -acious (extracted from audacious, etc.)]


[heˈleɪʃəs] ADJ (US) → infernal


adj (US inf)
(= terrible) fighting, car crashhöllisch (inf)
(= wild) partywild
(= excellent) vacationfantastisch, phantastisch
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Crews would be arriving soon and the hellacious fires to the north and west needed attention.
Beckett had a hellacious curveball going, getting six of his seven strikeouts on off-speed stuff.
A cast of 26 will tell the story of the hellacious Herdman kids who invade a church and take over the annual Christmas pageant and put their own spin on it.
They are simply three buddies who made it through one hellacious night together, standing in the lobby of a hospital recovery house.
After the North Hollywood Bank Robbery and the hellacious shootout between LAPD street cops and the machinegun-armed punks Phillips and Matasereanu, public support swung back to the cops enough the Department conceded to long-standing demand from the union, the LA Police Protective League, and authorized privately-owned double-action .
That lineup recorded Doomriders' hellacious debut "Black Thunder," which came out on Deathwish Records in late 2005 and has been steadily fueling a buzz about the band that works around Converge's schedule.
The team challenges were next, and although Ed suffered a hellacious wipe-out on the cross-country race, Johnny ended up taking out Reynolds, Cole, and Momolu in the high ollie contest, lofting over the equivalent of Billy Pepper in a top hat.
Doug Savant, who plays Tom, said this week, "I just had a hellacious day on set with hours and hours of Eva Longoria kissing me.
It was 1990 in California with race conditions straight from a Stephen King novel: fog, rain, hellacious descents, treacherous gravel and a wood-plank bridge with an appetite for bicycle tires.
The younger generation knows modern plastics can be hellacious strong and molded to very precise dimensions.
The ground was a hellacious investment, no doubt, but worth every penny in his book.
The Great Concavity serves another purpose, however, supplying power to the United States through a newly-developed process called "annular fusion" (64), a complex and highly recursive technology in which power plants in the Concavity paradoxically use toxic waste to create energy that aids in the consumption of toxic waste, a process that itself results in more toxic waste that is then used to create energy and on again through the loop--constantly creating "like hellacious amounts of highly poisonous radioactive wastes" (571) as one ETA student explains.