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A man who steers a ship.

helms′man·ship′ n.


(Nautical Terms) nautical the skill or function of a helmsman
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Black believes Fletcher's helmsmanship will steer the Falcons out of murky waters to the rugby equivalent of white sandy beaches.
If you got past the hit piece on Page 1, and ``fast-forwarded'' to Page 14, you would have read the dispassionate statistics on why out-of-policy arrests are negligible under Chief Bratton's helmsmanship.
Or we might say that Minnelli directs the Band Wagon, the film, while Tony directs under Minnelli's helmsmanship, and stars in the "Girl Hunt.
In turn, a successful Dawes would risk Frere's compromised redemption, his assured helmsmanship.
Hauser continues to innovate and grow after three generations of helmsmanship," stated Eric Hauser, principal, Hauser Industries.
It involves quite a lot of technical skill and know-how: helmsmanship, brakemanship and the like.
Of the revivals during this period, Jane Glover's superb helmsmanship of Goran Jarvefelt's 1988 production of L'Incoronazione di Poppea was a winner, with Yvonne Kenny not only a sexy protagonist but luscious to the ear and Brian Asawa an impressive Nerone, albeit plagued by vocal indisposition.
The right to buy pre-priced shares, called stock options, are common incentives for corporate captains who hope that some day the share price will exceed the "grant-date" price, due -- naturally -- to their fine helmsmanship.
His helmsmanship helped hold it together better than anyone could," Collopy said.
Under SES ASTRA's helmsmanship, DPC will diversify its service offering by launching Germany's first "open" Pay-TV platform.
THE BJP is readying its vision document -- India Vision 2025 -- under the helmsmanship of former party President Nitin Gadkari looking at undertaking deep structural reforms in the judiciary, education, police, administration and tax sectors.
According to the Ipsos MORI, poll more than 54 percent of the people are optimistic about the new Prime Minister's helmsmanship ability.