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A man who steers a ship.

helms′man·ship′ n.


(Nautical Terms) nautical the skill or function of a helmsman
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I am offered shotgun position in the car under the helmsmanship of Toyota's equivalent Stig, and I must say giggles of giddy glee are hard to suppress as he manhandles the truck through the technical off-road course that Toyota Kenya has set up for our use.
I feel that the reason for my country's accomplishments is fundamentally the helmsmanship of Xi Jinping," said Jing Junhai, Beijing's deputy party chief, invoking a phase often used to describe Mao.
Through skillful helmsmanship Langley dodged the first two bombing passes, but on the third pass she was bracketed by bombs port and starboard and targeted dead center.
It colored the American love story through the end of slavery and Lincoln's helmsmanship.
Labour didn't win the election because they were not trusted on the economy but Osborne - who made the recession last longer by strangling off growth with cuts in public services in 2010 - deserves no credit for his helmsmanship.
The Indian dressing room will undergo a sea change to adapt from Dhoni's helmsmanship to Kohli's.
As political issues began to influence the scientific discussions, the helmsmanship became more challenging.
That international growth has been impressive, something that Joe credits both to the volunteer leadership and the capable helmsmanship of Jeff Thomson.
Under the helmsmanship of its new, tireless, and energetic editor-in-chief, Fr.
Runcorn Linnets v Glossop NWC Premier, 3pm SIXTH-PLACED Linnets have enjoyed an excellent second half of the season under the helmsmanship of Joey Dunn.
Such historic turnaround, Hu's attributi onal disposition reminded the audience, were inconceivable if not for the great helmsmanship of "the three generations of the CCP leadership with Mao Tse-tung, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin as the core.
Rajan's previous work with the Indian Government includes his helmsmanship of a Planning Commission-appointed committee on financial reforms, and as honorary economic adviser to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.