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Noun1.helper cell - T cell with CD4 receptor that recognizes antigens on the surface of a virus-infected cell and secretes lymphokines that stimulate B cells and killer T cells; helper T cells are infected and killed by the AIDS virus
T cell, T lymphocyte - a small lymphocyte developed in the thymus; it orchestrates the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells
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infected cells, Helper cells recognise and secrete molecules to alert
In Figure 2, the helper cells are shown in columns G through I, but you could also put them in columns AX through AZ or somewhere else outside of anyone's view.
There was an increase in the percentage of naive T helper cells, CD4+ cells, and a reduction in RNA viral load at several time points during the study.
Objective: Dendritic cells (DCs) are key regulators of both immunity and tolerance by controlling activation and polarization of effector T helper cells (Th) and regulatory T cell responses (Treg).
The study by UT Southwestern Medical Centre researchers has identified a previously hidden pathway by which the body's circadian clock controls the numbers of key inflammatory cells called interleukin-17-producing CD4+ T helper cells (TH17).
Scientists believe the trigger mechanism involves natural helper cells, a recently discovered element of the immune system.
T helper cells are known to activate and direct other immune cells by the release of cell-cell signaling proteins.
Cardiac fibroblasts, which make up 60 per cent of cells in a human heart, acted as helper cells.
T cell development from regulatory T helper to effector T helper cells alters the contact hypersensitivity response.
Giving HAART during the acute infection may protect the CD4 helper cells, which are "knocked out" during acute HIV infection.
The contributors review research findings on protein tyrosine phosphatases, interleukin-21, class switch recombination, thymus organogenesis, somatic hypermutation, and T follicular helper cells.
These cells, which comprise about 5% of all T helper cells, produce transforming growth factor-[beta], which markedly suppresses other T cells' immune responses.