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n. hemartrosis, derrame de sangre en la cavidad de una articulación.
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Hidrartrose is almost the rule, hemarthrosis is also fairly common.
A 74-year-old male patient presented with gradual onset pain, hemarthrosis, and functional impairment of the right shoulder without previous trauma history.
A prospective magnetic resonance imaging study of the incidence of posterolateral and multiple ligament injuries in acute knee injuries presenting with a hemarthrosis.
The intrinsic factors are intra-particular adhesions, osteo-phytes, cartilage defects, hemarthrosis and hecatombs, causing muscle fibrosis [11, 12].
1), the authors investigated the incidence of various ligamentous injuries in knees presenting with hemarthrosis.
Late recurrent hemarthrosis following knee arthroplasty associated with epithelioid angiosarcoma of bone.
2,10) Typically affecting young patients, synovial hemangioma can occur with or without a history of trauma and often presents as a painful knee with or without spontaneous hemarthrosis.
Spontaneous recurrent hemarthrosis of the knee joint is relatively rare disorder mostly seen in the elderly with osteoarthritis.
1,2,7-9) Acquired hemophilia A typically presents with multiple hemorrhagic complications, including ecchymoses or hematomas (94%), hematuria (30%), compressive neuropathy (24%), and hemarthrosis (9%).
Results: When the complaints at presentation were examined, it was found that 27 (32%) patients had hemarthrosis, 24 (29%) patients had ecchymosis and hematoma, 13 (16%) patients had prolonged bleeding after trauma or cut, 10 (12%) patients had gingival, mouth or nose bleeding, 4 (5%) patients had prolonged bleeding after circumcision, 4 (5%) patients had gastrointestinal bleeding, 1 (1%) patient had hematuria.