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The UK National External Quality Assessment Service (NEQAS) [3] for Hematinic Assays has observed a lack of agreement in the measurement of folates in the past 15 years.
Susceptibility to aphthous ulcers is also found in patients with hematinic deficiencies.
12] was the first of the interrelated hematinic (meaning "blood-building") vitamins to be discovered.
Are hematinic deficiencies the cause of anaemia in chronic heart failure?
Trigen, the generic pharmaceutical arm of the Company, markets over 70 unique formulations in the prenatal, hematinic (iron) supplement, and cough/cold remedy markets, with over 30 products currently in its pipeline.
KV has also agreed that it will not distribute certain products, including its prenatal vitamins and hematinic products, until the products are approved by FDA's ANDA or NDA processes.
The decreases in Ther-Rx net revenues for the three and six-month periods were due primarily to lower sales of our two anti-infective brands, Clindesse(R) and Gynazole-1(R), and decreased sales from our hematinic product line.
Vitamin nutrient and hematinic preparations for human use